Decided it's time to start one of these

So... I haven't had a blog in many years. But decided this could be a fun way of keeping track of my pregnancy! That's right... I'm pregnant!

Right now I'm almost 9 weeks. And I haven't been sick at all. Thank goodness for that! My only symptoms really are just some mild stomach cramping occasionally, and my chest is swollen and sore. Other than that I feel great. Better than ever. I work out religiously. And take the best prenatal vitamins available, so I think that has something to do with it. My goal throughout this pregnancy is to not gain more than the minimum 25 lbs. So far I haven't gained anything so that's good, right? I have no idea, it's all so exciting and scary.

Right now we're in NJ. We told my family the first night we got here. I couldn't wait. I was so nervous and excited. For months I have thought about how I would tell my family when I was finally pregnant... and I never thought I would just blurt it out the way I did. But it was still fun.

We've been having lots of fun here. Shopping. Relaxing. Beach. Fishing. Great food. I love NJ.


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