31 weeks.

So I'm 31 weeks and feel really... waddle-ish. I just feel so awkward moving about. And of ourse Olivia has reccently found a love for Ring Around the Rosie. Every time we "all fall down" she jumps right back up asking for "more more more" and I feel like I'm getting a huge workout just getting up and down over and over again.

We've been more serious about potty-training since we've been home from NJ. Olivia was in big girl pants almost all day today. Even a trip grocery shopping that lasted over an hour. She stayed dry all day. It's still a matter of me taking her to the potty every hour or so, but once today she told me peepee, and we actually made it to the potty in time! Normally if she says pee, I have literally 1 second before theres pee everywhere. The hardest part is going out, and knowing we'll be gone for a while. Like, today I had to go buy Aaron some books at MCC's bookstore, and I really didn't want to deal with an accident in a college bookstore, so I put a diaper on her... which I also didn't want to do because I know I need to be consistent. And of course she told me she had to pee when we were there and I had to be like, just pee in your diaper, it's okay. How confusing is that for her??

Anyway, Olivia has had a cold, and been trying to get back on schedule from NJ. She's finally sleeping better, but her nose is still running.



So our trip to NJ was wonderful. I actually extended my stay another week, and had to say goodbye to Aaron after 10 great days together. Then I spent the next week with Olivia and my family. Mostly it was just great enjoying delicious food, time with family, beach, boardwalk, etc. Some highlights were deep sea fishing on a boat. We caught 3 fish each, but none were keepers. We spent one day down in LBI and just enjoyed all day on the beach. The waves were pretty good and Olivia was so not into it. She did enjoy the sand though. One night my parents took me and O to Point Pleasant which is another boardwalk on the beach. She loved the rides. It was crazy to see my baby on those rides, looking all like a big girl. She even went on a huge roller coaster with her Pop-pop. Point Pleasant also has an aquarium which was so much fun. O was running around screaming and yelling "FISH!". It was fun.
Now we are home, trying to adjust to the time difference. Olivia is still waking up at 5am. Which would be great if we were in NJ... but we're not, and 5 is way too early! I came home to lots of projects done, thanks to my hubby! He painted the girls room, and moved the furniture and it's just perfect. He also finished painting the wall in the living room that I started 10 months ago. So now I really should be cleaning because yesterday I pretty much vegged all day.
Also, a quick update just for myself about Olivia. These past three weeks have been crazy to see her vocab grow. I can't even count how many words she knows now. She uses 2-3 words together in little phrases, such as "daddy go?" and "byebye daddy" and of course the popular "MINE! Myyyy baby (or whatever item it is)." We are still working on her little violent habit of face pinching when she doesn't want to be held. She likes to be on her own, and if that's interrupted she claws your face off. It's terrible, and she had stopped it for a long time, but started again in NJ. This week I'm also starting to get serious about potty training. I really don't want 2 in diapers, so I have about 2 and a half months to get this girl out of diapers. She goes on the potty, and will usually tell me when she has to pee, but not when she has to poop. But if I time it right, she will poop on the potty, just doesn't tell me that she has to. So I think we're about half way there.



So here are some quick highlights of our NYC trip.
Rooftop by the sea ports. So nice. After hours of walking it was heavenly to sit and enjoy the view.
This cracks me up. Lawn chairs in Time Square. I heard about this, but it was still funny to see.

And my latest belly shot, 28 weeks in Times Square.
Other highlights, not pictured:
  • Entering a Mario Kart contest at Nintendo World
  • Yummiest pizza ever
  • Yummiest cheesecake ever
  • Yummiest lo mein noodles ever
  • Learning to ride the subway
  • Random nice people allowing me to use their employee restroom

Now I'm going to take a bath and put my feet up, while loving grandparents dote over my daughter. I love vacation.