Endure to the end?

So I had my 39 week doctor's appointment the other day. Lots of good news! I am about 80% effaced, and 1.5 centimeters dialted. Which really doesn't mean much, but it's still fun to hear that SOMETHING is happening. But best news of all... through my pregnancy I only gained about 27 lbs. I was aiming for 25... but I'll take it. So of course I decdied I have been good this long... who needs to endure to the end! So after my appointment I went straight to the Fiesta Mall because they have the closest Cinnabon that I knew of.



Sorry they are kinda hard to see because I used my phone! Maybe someday I'll put better pictures up. Above the crib is vinyl letters that say "All because two people fell in love". And I got the Winnie the Pooh curtains and little wall hanging things... aaand the painting on the wall I made! It's hard to see. I should up a better picture because I'm very proud of it :) Anyway feels soooo good to be done with it. Plus the car seat is now in the car. So my big worries are all taken care of, for now. My bag is also packed... I think.

Here is what it has:

My own comfy nightgown, nursing bra, hair ties, deodarant, shampoo + conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, outfit for the baby, camera with extra batteries, and the video camera.

Any experienced moms reading this please let me know if there's anything else I should bring (or really don't need)!

So now we wait. Oh... one more picture. Proof of the little story I shared in my last post.

look at that big ol' belly... cant even believe I'm posting this... but yeah, that's the burn.



Alright... quick update, and I'll be sure to add pictures soon. First of all Friday night my wonderful friends from my ward through me a baby shower. It was such super short notice, but they made things so cute and fun. I am so so grateful to have such wonderful friends! Then Saturday morning Aaron and I taught Reliv training, then came home and got to work on the nursery. It's finished!!! Well to me, it will probably never be "finished" but the chairrail is up thanks to a nailgun (thank you Dents!), and the room is all painted, and the crib is assembled, and all that stuff. And I do feel worlds better. But I'm not sure what it is... maybe it's that whole "nesting" thing I keep hearing about... but I feel like no matter how much I do, there's still so much more to do! But that's alright, I'm keeping busy these last couple of weeks... week?... days?... I am starting to hope it comes maybe just one day early? But I won't get my hopes up. Oh but super good news... last night I stopped eating and drinking at 7pm. Went to bed at 10. Woke up once at 12:30 to go to the bathroom... then again at 2:30 because Aaron was yelling weird stuff in his sleep.. but then I didn't wake up again until 7:00!! It was beautiful. Lately I've been getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night because I just can't sleep. Feels so good to be well rested.

Other news... I made Aaron breakfast this morning, and my little belly was hanging out and I am always underestimating how HUGE my belly is, and you guessed it... I burned my belly on the frying pan! There's a nice big welt across my belly now, and it still hurts :( I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, I'm sure the nurses will get a nice laugh out of the huge line across my belly!


Anything to procrastinate... :)

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5 Things on my to do list:
1 - Put away clothes so we can see our bedroom floor
2 - Go get more stuff at Home Depot to finish baby's room
3 - Sink full of dishes
4 - Call my girls about assignments for mutual
5 - ...take a nap?... hopefully

5 Jobs I've had:
1 - Dairy Barn - ice cream place
2 - Waitress at Chili's
3 - Arcade attendant on the boardwalk
4 - Nanny
5 - Retailer at an extremely high-end men's clothing store (I lasted about three months)

5 Places I've lived:
1 - Lyndhurst, NJ
2 - Middletown, NJ
3 - Mahwah, NJ
4 - Chandler, AZ
5- Mesa, AZ ... and good thing it only asked for 5 because that's it!

5 Favorite Snacks:
1 - Cheese
2 - Ice cream
3 - Brownies
4 - Cheese....
5 - and not so much a snack, but I looove chocolate milk

5 Things you would do if you were a billionaire:
1 - Buy a house in Arizona, and in New Jersey and live here in the winter and there in the summer.
2 - Buy a house in Arizona for my family to come and live here in the winter!
3 - Pay off all debt
4 - Travel, travel, travel
5 - And then I'd let Aaron decide what to do with the rest.

5 Things you may not know about me:
1 - In first grade I would have rather sat on the bench during recess and talked to my teacher than go and play with my friends. I found our "grown up" talk to be very refreshing!
2 - In 5th grade I was co-founder of the "Weird Club" with my best friend Erin Trezza. We had meetings, and recorded minutes, and had an oath and a pledge we recited at each meeting. We prided ourselves in our weirdness and by the end of 5th grade people were begging to join our exclusive club.
3 - Since I found out I was pregnant, I have read every single website devoted to childbirth and pregnancy, and have literally checked out EVERY book in EVERY library in Mesa (and the southeast regional library in Gilbert) about childbirth and pregnancy. I've studied more about this subject than all other studying and research in my four years of college combined.
4 - My husband and I don't have cable, or even bunny ears. It's probably been almost three years since I've had a "show" that I never miss. And yet sitting in our living room is a ridiculously large, flat screen TV that we're BABYSITTING until his parents are back in their house.
5 - I really love developing talents... things I never thought I'd ever be good at, but Aaron's inspired me to try and I've surprised myself... like playing piano, painting water colors and oils, learning to knit, etc. I love the hardwork and frustration that goes along with learning, and that feeling when you finally play a song right, or finish a painting and it actually turned out better than you thought it would!

aand... I really don't know enough people on here to tag anyone else... lol! So anyone who reads this and is bored, I tag YOU!



Week 38 is here
So about two more weeks til baby... and here's the to-do list!
Baby's room is about... 1/4 way finished.
Halfway painted - still need to put up moulding
reassemble crib,
and changing table/hutch thing...
I have a car seat.. I just have no clue how to put it in my car, and how all the hooks and stuff work.
And as long as that's all done in two weeks, I'll feel a lot better. I'm not sure what else to do to get our home ready for a baby. But as long as it has a way to get home and a place to sleep I figure I'll learn the rest as I go. What an adventure!
As far as my body is holding up... I have some back ache, but not too bad. I get tired pretty easily, and at about 3:00am this morning when I was going to the bathroom for the 3rd time that night I realized it's going to be an extremely long time before I ever sleep through the night again. But mostly I am just excited, and so glad to be feeling so well. In fact today I have been making the most of it by painting the moulding to hang tonight, went grocery shopping, cleaned the bathrooms, did a load of laundry, and made dinner. Yup I have def earned my bubble bath that I'll enjoy tonight :)


Lifetime dreams

may seem silly but I've dreamt of
since like 8th grade when I first heard of the "Blue Man Group"
I love my husband so much because he gets such joy from making my silly dreams come true <33333



Would have been nice if we were there for like a day... not 5. Or was it 4? Either way, just beyond ready to be home. The best, best, best part was when Aaron and I had a night to ourselves. We went out to eat a fancy resturant at The Venitian and then saw the Blue Man Group, and just walked around and looked at all the fancy shops and that kinda stuff. Oh and I did use my lucky dollar and I doubled it! I cashed out at $2.00 and took it straight to the cashier and got my dollar. Oh good times. But really we lost money, because to even get cash from the ATM cost $7.00. And the cab ride there... and back... just existing in Vegas is expensive. Not to mention cost of food, and shows and all that fun stuff. Anyway it was a relief to get home safe and sound.

In other news, I'm now 37 weeks pregnant. Full term! Scary stuff. And people in my ward keep calling about a baby shower. I feel so loved! I wasn't sure what my mother-in-law wanted to do, if she wanted to invite my whole ward to the family one, or if I should have a seperate one. She said to do two so... today Melissa called to see what we decided and if I needed her to organize a shower or anything, and I just thought that was so sweet. It's a lot of work taking on throwing a baby shower, so I feel bad almost, like I don't want someone stressing out because of me! But I appriciate it so much. As far as the progression of this baby... so far no dialation or anything like that, and the baby is still pretty high, but is head down! So that's good, and honestly I'm not ready for this baby to come until March. I still haven't even begun the baby's room. I still feel pretty good. More tired than usual. Some cramps. Lots of Braxton Hicks. Swollen ankles and feet. And sore ribs from all that kicking! It's crazy feeling the baby move now. It just feels so big. Well just a few more weeks...


36 weeks

So tomorrows my doctor's appointment when he starts checking things out down there... I am really so curious to know how it's all going. I know there's going to be a baby here before I know it, but I can't help but feel like it'll never be here. Sometimes I'm totally sick of talking about the pregnancy and baby, but most of the time it's all I can ever talk, think, dream..etc about.

Good news is lots is going on. I have Teen Elect tomorrow, Weds, we're leaving for Vegas (how crazy am I?) until Sunday. Then the next weekend we're going to the cabin to rest and relax. Then I'll be like 38 weeks... still at least 2 weeks away... lol.

Tonight for family night Aaron and I made these posters for our goals for the year. We went through tons of magazines and cut out lots of pictures. It was fun, and if I accomplish half of what I set out to do this year I'll be amazing lol. But I don't mind if I set a goal and never accomplish it, as long as I work towards it each day. I usually end up a lot closer, than if I hadn't set the goal at all. Well that's about all, I'll probably update after my appointment tomorrow. Hopefully I didn't gain TOO much weight since last week...