New Jersey.

So we're here in NJ. I just want to keep track of all we're doing. I never remember by the time we got home. In fact I can't even remember now. One of the days we went to this cute park where they have a farm that is frozen in the year 1890 or something like that. It's a fully functioning farm, but only uses technology that was available that year. There's animals and a garden, and the old houses and stuff. It's a fun place. We've eaten yummy pizza. Today we had a BBQ for my cousin who is getting married tomorrow. Olivia was in particularly good spirits. I'm praying my heart out it lasts through tomorrow. It's going to be a big day. She has a hair appointment in the morning. Photo shoot at noon. Then she has a nap break until we have to be at the place at 4. Then it's more pictures, and then the ceremony. Exciting times. Also today my Aunt Janine (sorry I may have spelled that wrong) came down. It was fun to visit with her. We don't get to see her very often. Weds we are heading to PA to look at places. :) I am excited. If we can get Abigail to take a freaking bottle we'll be in good shape. Otherwise she'll be crashing our "romantic" get-away.


The Museum

Okay so sorry for like 3 updates in one day. But I finally got Aaron's pictures on the computer and I keep looking at them cracking up at the recent memories. The other day Arizona Museum for Youth did a member appreciation breakfast thing. "Elmo" was there! Olivia seriously loved this Elmo. He was so... unofficial, we were cracking up. But it was a really fun day. The breakfast was fun, it wasn't crowded, and we just had a great day. I'm too tired to remember all the details, but this Elmo just makes me laugh every time.


Last weekend we went to Mexico. It was a lovely escape from reality. Which I really haven't gotten back into. Hello! We are leaving for NJ on Tuesday and I'm not even caught up on laundry. Anyway, Abigail loved splashing in these little pools during low tide. Again, pictures from the phone, so not the best... but love her smile.


So I signed up to be a BzzAgent a few months ago. This was my first time actually being asked to do a "campaign". I was sent Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless make up. I was so stoked! I first heard about BzzAgent from a blog, and someone got full size lipstick for free, just to tell people about it. So anyway, I was so excited to finally get MY make up! In the mail I got the Simply Ageless series of Eye Concealer, Blemish Concealer, Foundation, and blush. Honestly, Simply Ageless is not something I would have purchased on my own, since I'm 25 and just wouldn't even think to look at make up for aging. In my mind I'm still like 15. Anyway, I LOVE it! Here are some before and after pics (sorry poor quality, taken with phone because our camera is currently broken). It goes on really smooth. I don't think it looks very cakey. The only thing I wouldn't buy myself is the blush. It's kinda too pink for me. But I think the foundation is as good as any high end product I have tried.



Mother's Day Eve... lots of thoughts in my head. Just felt like typing them out before going to bed.

Being a mother has brought me so much joy. You hear that a lot. You expect people to say that. But until you experience it's just words. I want to elaborate. I can't think of anything else in my life I could compare it to. There is joy in so much. But hearing my 2 year old say, "Thanks mom!" when I do something simple like wipe off her high chair tray... just fills my heart in a unique way.

Tonight we had a family talent show with the extended Opie family. Olivia danced with all of her little cousins while Great Grandpa Opie played an old dance song on the piano. She was having a blast with all the other little girls, dancing and tumbling for the audience of laughing adults. Again just filled my heart with a feeling I can't find the words for.

Being a mother makes you think about things. About your own childhood. About your own mother. I feel a gratitude for my mother that I thought I already felt. I mean you always hear, some day you'll understand, when you have kids of your own you'll thank me, that sort of talk... And I already felt like I was pretty grateful for my mom and that didn't really apply to me. But as I spend days taking care of these 2 little kids, I think a lot about sacrifice. Of what I'm sacrificing to be a mom... what my mom sacrificed for me. To me it doesn't feel like a sacrifice at all... I love being a mother and it is the only career I've ever wanted. But there's more sacrifice than that. I mean I think just about my physical body, and no matter what, it seriously will never be the same again! I think about buying cute clothes for myself... how much I'd rather buy clothes for my kids. Diaper bags instead of purses. Practical instead of cute shoes. There's a lot more. I'm getting tired now.

I look at these 2 little daughters that I brought into the world. I imagine a future for them, but I know it will be up to them and they'll make their own decisions, and although there's this joy that fills my heart now, I know as they grow there will be sorrows and more sacrifices, but also even more joy. Sometimes days are so long, but I realize this time, with my babies is so short. So so short. All I want to do tomorrow is cuddle my babies and say thanks to my mom.

....aaand maybe get to sleep in a bit. :)

You Might Be A Mom of a Toddler If...

You might be a mom of a toddler if...
You consider 6 hours a good nights sleep!

All your good make up has had little fingers dig in it.

You go "potty" instead of "to the bathroom".

You measure how long it takes you to do something by "nap times" {ie, "It took me only 2 nap times to finally fold all the laundry!"}

You know who Cailllou, Sid, the Teranadon family, Clifford and Martha are.

You also know those previous characters are loosely in the order of PBS Kids morning line-up.

When your husband comes home from work you have at least 2 different bodily fluids on you, (neither of which are yours).

Your exercise for the day consists of running around cleaning, and trying to prevent messes.

You know the best way to get Sharpie off of walls, couches, computer monitors, and just about any other surface.

You have been embarrassed in public by your child's ever growing vocabulary (ie, "Bye brown girl!").

You're in bed by 9:00 most nights.

Waking up at 7:00am is sleeping in.

You have cleaned poo off more areas than you'd like to think about.

Your pillow talk consists of nothing but cute things your toddler said/did that day.


"I'm glad I'm not the only one who has days where I feel like the whole world is against me."

That's someone said to me last night when I told them about my day.

I woke up at 5:30am and went to clean the office that we clean once a week.  Then I got home and spent a good 25-30 minutes trying to do Olivia's hair.  Then I walked a 1.5 miles to swim lessons.  When I got home I was beat.  Just so tired and it was only 11:00.  Abigail took a short little nap, while Olivia and I got some lunch.  Then Abigail woke up super cranky.  Olivia was super cranky.  Like climbing all over me and just being ridiculous.  My respite was going to be when Aaron came home for lunch, all day I was just thinking, at least I'll have 2.5 hours in the middle of the day with Aaron home.  So I was literally just feeling like, okay just get to the next minute, Aaron will be here soon.  But around noon when I was expecting him home he texted that he had to cover lunch and wouldn't be home until around 1:30.  NOOO!!!! So I put the kids in the car and was going to go drive to get a smoothie because I had a coupon.  Olivia fell asleep by the end of our street.  So I went home and laid her down.  Abigail was not ready to go back to sleep just yet.  About 30-40 minutes later Abigail was tired, so I laid her down and she fell asleep.  Aahhhh, now Aaron is home and we some time all to ourselves.... except Olivia woke up.  After like 35 freaking minutes.  She's a monster.  Not all that much later Abigail wakes up.  Also cranky.  Aaron has to go back to work... so I decide now would be a good time for that smoothie.  I have a coupon for a free one at this place that is like 30 minutes away.  I wouldn't drive all the way out there if it wasn't for the free coupon.  Anyway, I get there, and they tell me, sorry we don't honor that coupon right now because it's happy hour.  What!  That's lame.  You're actually getting a better deal, because my coupon is for 1 free smoothie, any size up to $5.  It's half off during happy hour, so the chick is like, well it's only going to be like $2.  And I'm like okay then doesn't it make more sense to take my coupon now... like that way you're actually not loosing $5, only 2.  I mean I wouldn't have driven all the way out there if it wasn't for free... blaahhh I seriously almost cried.  Then we went to McDonalds (Olivia's first trip, she loved it).  That was the highlight of the day.  Then we came home  to get ready for a Relief Society activity.  Since they took such crappy naps I decided to put them in their PJ's before we left so they could go right to bed when we got home.  I desperately need to do laundry.  Olivia had one cute pair of PJ's that were clean.  I left them on the floor then started to change Abigail's diaper.  I realized I had the wrong size diaper for Abigail so I left her on the floor to grab another diaper.  When I got back, Abigail had crawled over to Olivia's clean PJ's on the floor, and then peed directly all over them.  

It was a long day.  Not the worst day, but long.  Very long.  And last night was much too short.  Long days and short nights, I guess that's motherhood.


Abigail at 6 months.

Abigail is 6 months. I need to remember to take a picture of her today! I really want to get professional pictures taken of both my girl's this week. Maybe it will happen. Have to look at budget. This whole moving across the country thing is more expensive than I thought. But now, a letter to my sweet baby.

May you always be so sweet and content. You are just so smiley and sweet and make my heart swell whenever I see you. I put you down to bed at night, and you just fall asleep all on your own. I marvel at this every night because I had to work so hard for your sister to fall asleep every night. You barely ever wake up in the middle of the night. You still don't have any teeth. But you are crawling all over the place. But you can't sit up on your own yet (can't or won't, I haven't quite decided yet). You still make most just vowel sounds, but I thought I heard a bit of baaa or daaa, or something. But the fact that pretty much the only sound you make is a delighted scream, makes me regret waiving the hearing screening in the hospital. Daddy and I often clap, or call your name to see if you'll turn around. You do, most of the time.
Most every outfit you own was worn once by your sister, but when she was twice as old. You light up whenever you see or hear your sister. I love how much you guys love each other and I just pray you'll continue to be best friends for your whole life. Today you were crawling around and then you stopped to play with something you found on the floor. Olivia sat on you and was just sitting there reading a book, on your back. You didn't make a peep. Daddy told her to get up, and she did, but you didn't seem to mind at all. I am so in love with you! I can not believe 6 months have passed since you were born. Seems like a lifetime ago, and then again like yesterday.
Love always,
Your mommy.