This week Olivia has started doing the funniest thing yet. When she sees something... like I don't know, for example just now she opened a photo album and saw the pictures, she does this huuuge surprised gasp.

The first time she did it I thought she was choking. When Aaron heard it he thought so too. I mean what 8 month old gasps with excitement and surprise?? It's so hilarious.

Another funny time was at the library the other day. The story teller pulled this black cat out of a bag, and Olivia was all UUUUHHHHAAAAAA (or whatever vowels you would use to spell the sound you make when you breathe in loudly and excitedly). Everyone was cracking up. I mean she seriously sounds like me in Micheal's or something.

But she does it all the time. As we're walking and passing new things it's, "gasp... gasp.... gasp.."

Quite hilarious. I'll try to get a video of it somehow.


Christmas came early!

Okay so this has been just the greatest day.

First of all, Olivia and I went to our last baby lap-sit at the library. (Quite possibly the last one ever since they are cutting many programs in Mesa because of budget stuff.) I love our library time. The lady who does this is seriously amazing, and we have so much fun with other mommies.

Then she took a great nap in the afternoon. Aaron watched her while I went to piano lessons. Blissful.

Then Aaron got his hair cut, and he looks absolutely wonderful.

And then to just put icing on this wonderful day... We got the best package from my mom. It was full of the cutest clothes for Olivia. Two pairs of shoes. Three pairs of stockings. A dress. Jeans. PJ's. Candles that spell her name. Cute skirt, a couple onsies. Pants. Aaaand my mom's Old Navy card... because I'm that spoiled.

So the real kicker. I went to Old Navy tonight. While Aaron watched O again. (Isn't he the best??) And I finally found the perfect pair of jeans. They actually fit!! And they're a size smaller than what I have been wearing. So I also got a couple shirts and accessories :)

And then they asked for ID! Which I didn't have bc it's my mom's card... but the guy said the signatures were identical so it was okay LOL!

Ahhh now it's time to say goodnight to the most wonderful of days.


Weekend in review

We went to the ASU game on Satuday night. Apparently it was a real nail biter for O!

But mostly we kept her entertained with some her fav, Cheerio's. She likes to pig out.

And this is one of my fav pictures of the game. You can see her little teeth! And her hands are blurry because she is never still. She was waving like crazy. It was funny, when everyone cheered because of a touchdown or whatever, we would stand up and I would say, "Yay Olivia!" and she totally thought all those thousands of people were cheering for her. She looked around waving at everyone, like a little Miss America.

On Friday we also went to the park. O loves to swing. We tried the slide, but she's def not ready for that. It was pretty funny, Aaron was just next to the slide, and it wasn't even at the very top, just towards the middle, and he tried putting her down and letting her slide to me, but after doing it once she wouldn't let go of his shirt when he tried putting her down the slide again. So then we put her up in a tree, and took some cute pictures.

You can't see his hand, but Aaron is holding her.


8 months!

So Olivia has been 8 months old for a couple days now. But here are some recent pictures and activities:

Aaron brought her home this toy that she can push and walk. She's pretty good on it, on the carpet, the tile she falls right down. But she can get around! We walk every day and lately Olivia has been trying to escape from her stroller. She screams like crazy when she's strapped in and has even huidini'ed herself out of the little harness.

Some stats:
She has two teeth.
Weighs 18.7 lbs.
Not sure on the length.
Sleeping pretty well still through the night.
Takes two wonderful glorious naps everyday, at least an hour each, usually more, occassionally less.
And like 30 something days until we are in NJ!
We have joined some playgroups where we meet once a week some other moms and babies. It's so nice to have something to do every week! Today is baby story time at the library, which I just love. And that's about all we've been up to lately.


What the?!

It's November 8th. Just a week after Halloween. And it's 82 degrees out. And there's Christmas music on THE RADIO!

So many things in this picture just don't add up.

But the truth is... I like it.

And now for your viewing pleasure:

Cutest little dress ever. And yup those are apples in her hands. She likes to scrape them with her teeth. Don't worry Olivia-lovers we keep a close eye on her while she takes on this endeavor.


Attack of the Birds!

So today has not been a great day. I've been pretty lazy most of the day. Olivia and I went to play at the park. I was pushing her in the swing and this little bird flew right under the swing. I was on the phone with my mom and I told her how weird it was that this bird wouldn't go away. It was right by us. Olivia was fascinated with it, so I took her out of the swing and we crouched to be eye level with it, just watching it poke it's little beak around in the sand. And then it was looking right at me, so I was going to take it's picture to send to my mom (we had hung up at this point) so she could see how close it was. And then all of a sudden IT FLEW RIGHT AT MY FACE!! I screamed and ran, clinging to Olivia for dear life. We ran to other side of the park where I thought we were safe. I called my mom, still frantic and told her about the attacking bird. Then all of a sudden I felt it swooping towards my head! So we ran screaming to the car, and the bird chased us the whole way. By the time we got to the car I thought we had lost it. I was buckling Olivia into her car seat, and looked over my shoulder and there it was flying right AT ME. I hopped in the car, and it LANDED ON THE HOOD!

Seriously. My mother has instilled an unhealthy fear of birds in me since birth. I am afraid I will now do the same to Olivia (if she's not already scarred for life from this incident).


My Poppy

My grandfather, affectionately known as "Poppy" is the most conservative man I know. Probably not the most open-minded (but I think at 80 years-old he's earned that right) person in the world, but definitely one of the most honorable. He fought in WWII in the Navy, and as a Marine in the Korean War. The Korean was fought over communism, and trying to stop it. He put his life on the line so others could have the same freedoms we enjoy in America. He lost friends. He saw horrific things that I cannot imagine. To fight for freedom. To stop socialism.

I called him today. He simply sounded depressed. He told me he has never been more disappointed in his country. I was surprised at how sad his voice really sounded. It wasn't a joking, light hearted, oh boy we're in trouble... it was disgust and disappointment. After we hung up I started to think about it. About how this is personal to him. How to him it probably doesn't seem that long ago he was fighting in that war to stop communism. And now his country has elected a leader who is wanting to "spread the wealth".

Maybe this should be a post for my "Choosetheright.wordpress.com" blog. I usually keep politics out of this. But really I just feel for the 80-year-old man.


Election Day! (But this post has nothing to do with politics!)


Last night Olivia fell asleep around 7:30. And then did not wake up until 7:30 AM! Yes, that's 12 hours solid. To make it even better, I had taken some Tylenol PM for a headache soon after she fell asleep so I slept like a rock for probably 8, or 9 hours.

I am not kidding at all when I say that it's quite possibly been a year or more since I last slept that long without waking up. It felt BEAUTIFUL.

In sadder news, my poor baby is still sick. She is coughing and nose is runny and she had a slight fever again today. I am really getting sick of this, and am praying for another good night's rest and hopefully a healthier baby in the morning.

Oh and one fun thing she is starting to do is to be able to stand all on her own. She walks every where holding onto the couch, table, whatever. Today she let go and just stood there for like 5 seconds. Until she saw something she wanted and reached for it and fell right on her belly.

So that's really all that's new around here. Oh I did plant a garden with the help of my most amazing wonderful husband who sacrificed a tendon in his foot for the project. We have broccoli, jalapenos, lettuce and strawberries growing (and quite a few weeds).

There are still lots of projects to get done around the house. This week I want to finish Olivia's room. This will include patching some drywall, painting, moving furniture, hanging some cute wall decorations, and putting a curtain up over the closet since the doors are broken.