Not enough time

There's never enough time, is there? Wasn't enough time left in AZ to say goodbye to everyone in person, and eat more delish Mexican food than should be humanly possible. Not enough time in New Jersey to do all I want to do (I'm assuming.. since there's always more to do, and more people to see). And most importantly not enough time to update this blog!

I have seriously thought about blogging since the night before we left. A few days later here I am. It was hard saying goodbye to Arizona. I really will miss it. We say we'll be back, and that is our current plan, but you never know. I was so so so sooooo grateful for the wonderful help we recieved. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law took my kids and my laundry for the day before we left. Friends (Tiffany!) came over and helped pack, and their husbands helped load boxes. I really went to bed that night feeling so grateful for the wonderful people in our life.

And also with a feeling of dread about the 5 hour flight with me and my 2 babies (I can still call Olivia a baby right?). But Aaron gave me a blessing. And I can honestly testify that everything he prayed for came to pass. I was surrounded by helping hands. Going through security, the usual cranky TSA employees were all too eager to hold my baby, fold my stroller, and usher me through. Then as I'm walking to my gate, I notice the lady walking in front of me has a very similar walk to Callee, my mentor teacher from when I did student teaching. Anyone who has done student teaching knows you spend a lot of time with that teacher! Anyway, I really didn't think it could be her, but I just said, "Callee..." kind of like not too loudly, in case it wasn't her, but if it was she might turn around. And she did! I couldn't believe it. She was on her way to Mt. Rushmore! She was able to hang with me at the gate for a bit and help me keep my kids under control. I have been more sure of Heavenly Father's awareness of me. And then I got my seat moved to an empty row. Right behind first class. So there was no one in front of us who's seat Olivia would kick the entire trip. It even gave us a little extra leg room, and I was able to put the kids down there and let them play on the floor. They didn't sleep any of the 5 hour flight. But they were mostly happy. Time passed rather quickly. Someone was always willing to take Abigail when I needed to take Olivia potty (she refused to use a diaper the entire flight). The flight attendent even took Abigail for a walk up and down the aisles for about 20 minutes. Getting off the plane someone helped me carry my bags. Then someone helped me get my luggage. Then someone helped me carry the carseats off the elevator (after I forgot them in baggage claim...). This was in NYC! At JFK! Where everyone is in a hurry. It really was a miracle.

Now we're here at my parents house. And my kids are still kind of freaking out. Well while I type this Abigail is pawing at the keyboard, and Olivia is napping. But Olivia has asked to go "home" at least 3 times a day. I know she'll adjust but it's hard. And Olivia's up an Ab's is screaming so..


This is life with a 2 year old

Olivia just walked up to me wearing nothing but sunglasses and flip flops (or "clip clops" as they're called around this house) carrying a teenie tiny basket of teenie tiny plastic fruits and vegetables. Then the dialog went like this:

O - "Mom, I'm just picking carrots and apples."
Me - "Oh can I have one?"
O - "Uhm, no you can have a peach. A mushy one."
Me - "Oh no thank you I don't like mushy peaches.'
O - "No they're apples!"
Me - "Okay.
O - "No they're peaches."
Me - "Okay."
O - "No they're just lemons. And they're gross."
Me - "You're silly.'
O - "I'm just pretending. I'm being a boy."


Big day for Abigail

Today Abigail decided to pull herself holding onto a laundry basket. Then let go, and just stand there for about 2 seconds, before falling on her bottom. I put some sneakers on her and she stood even a bit longer. Then later when she fell again, I clapped, she looked up at me and clapped back at me!

She also got 2 more teeth recently. They are both on top, but not the normal first two top teeth. She got her incisors first. She must have heard vampires are all the rage these days.

Olivia just came to me and said, "Mom look at my beautiful outfit. Shhhh the box says be quiet." Apparently she won't listen to me or Aaron, but we obey the box. What a nutty nut.

Well the packing continues.


Double Date Funness

Tonight we went on a double with Aaron's cousin, and my good friend Christie, and her husband Ty. We went to Chino Bandido Takee Outtee, you can watch the video of it on Diners, Drives and Dives here. It's a mixture of Mexican and Chinese food, and a hint of Caribbean. It was actually really, really good. They let you try a bunch of samples if you've never been there before so you can actually have an idea of what you're ordering. Loved that. We stuffed ourselves, then came home and stuffed ourselves some more with ice cream, and played video games. Too bad we realize how much fun double dates are less than 2 weeks before we're leaving.

Excuse me while I freak out a minute. LESS THAN 2 WEEKS UNTIL WE MOVE!

Emotions right now... overwhelmed, sad, excited, anxious, did I mention overwhelmed? It's just when I think about leaving I start to realize all the things and people I'm going to miss. But then I'm also excited for the adventure of meeting new people, and being a lot closer to my family and all that fun stuff. But there's still a lot of packing left to do. And a really long plane ride to dread.

But I'm going to miss Mexican food. Bahama Bucks. Mimi's. Sonic. Grandpa's pool. Friends. Porter Park Ward. Citrus trees. Fresh and Easy. Sprouts. Blue skies every day. Monsoons. Smell of rain. Opie family. And lots more. And I'm sure when we're done in PA I'll have a list of things that I'll miss there.

TWO WEEKS!! I really should be packing.



There's a lot I could update about cute things Olivia has said and fun things Abigail is doing, but really what has been weighing on my mind is just publicly writing about my love for my Savior. I'm kinda sheepish talking about this to most of those who read this blog, but it's easy for me to write about.

Lately my heart has just been so full of gratitude for the atonement. For it's infinite nature. For the peace and contentment it has brought to my life. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of me and my needs. There have just been little things that have happened to remind me of this. I'm grateful for the knowledge that I have of Him, and His love for me. My greatest hope as a mother is that I can raise my children with the same knowledge.

.... and as I'm typing this Aaron's watching a hilarious Mystery Science Theater episode and I can't focus anymore. Seriously I love this netflix thing.


4th of July and such

We got away from the heat for a few days and went up to Christopher Creek. It was so nice! Olivia caught her first fish. Aaron cast it, and helped her hold it until she got a bite, but she reeled it in all by herself. I wasn't there, but got to hear all about it. We played in the dirt. Watched my favorite firework show of all time up in Heber. One thing we didn't do was sleep. Well at least not lots of it. My kids sleep pretty great in their own beds, and I'm grateful for that, but anywhere else forget about it. But other than lack of sleep it was a great trip. Now we're in the final stretch before we move. Lots to do.

Oh and Abigail is 8 months! She has 1 tooth. She says "Dadadada" and if you ask where's Dada she will look right at Aaron. She also waves hi. She pulls herself up on everything, and if it moves she'll "walk" around pushing whatever it is. She loves her sister more than anyone. Their relationship is already a volatile one. Olivia tries to boss Abigail around, and Ab's is already not taking it. Right now Olivia is on one side of her toy door thing, and Abigail is on the other side trying to play too, and Olivia is telling her no she needs a key, she can't play, and Abigail is just yelling at her. In fact I better go mediate this one. I can only imagine what the next few years will be.