Funny Olivia Sayings

Mommy-"Olivia, you can open that door, just push with all your might"
Olivia-"Sorry Mom, I'll just use my hands, my might is toooo short"

"The Thing is... monkeys don't wear clothes. Because they have fur. So they don't get sunburned. But they should have clothes on because fur isn't clothes, and they're still naked."

Abigail, stay my little baby forever. Never get any bigger.
No! Mommy, Abigail has to grow up and get bigger.
Why? Why can't she stay little forever?

"I wish my doggie was real. I wish I had a fairy godmother to turn my doggie real! Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for blessings. Please let me have a fairy godmother to turn my doggie real. I want a fair godmother to turn my doggie real."

At dinner - "Okay stinky pants." 
me - "Did you just call me stinky pants?" 
Olivia - "I was trying to say thank you Mommy, but it just came out stinky pants."

"My teddy bear has the flute, Dr. Mommy, he's really sick. He has the flute real bad."

"I'm a bad witch, put a spell on me! Spell witch." So I did, w-i-t-c-h, and then she said, "Oh no I'm a statue now! That spell turned me into a statue!" 

"I love you guys!"

"Okay Grumpy Pants." (Olivia to her dad)

"I gunna (insert whatever she's doing) ever more!"

"Pwetty pease suga on my knees my cherry on top, my suga knees!"

"You messin me?"

"I have my OWN money!"

"Ew I tooted in my mouth!" ... Olivia, we call that a burp.

"Look at my baby! She's SOO born-ed!"

"Oh I know mom I learned that at pillow case class when I was a little girl!"
 While I was downstairs doing laundry, Olivia was upstairs making "lemonade". She brought it down to me and said, "Mom you have got to try this. First I put in one scoop of sugar. And then water. And I call it - AAAAAAMAZING Lemonade without lemons."