Another day to remember

Yesterday Aaron and I spent the day in NYC. We took the bus in at 10:00am. Got the most delicious pizza for lunch. Walked to Rockefeller Center. We watched ice skaters for a few minutes. Had fun remembering 5 years ago when we were ice skating there. Then went to Aaron's favorite place in all of New York... Nintendo World. Only to find they were closed for renovations. Then we went to FAO Schwartz and found a birthday present for Abigail. And saw the Big Piano. That was fun. Then we went to Central Park. And rode a horse and carriage through Central Park. I know it's like the touristy thing to do.. but guess what... we were tourists. And we loved it. It was a beautiful day. And there were lots of cute little kids in Halloween costumes getting their pictures taken by parents, and professional photographers. Then we made our way over to the LDS Manhattan Temple. (Wanna know more about the temple, click here.) It was so wonderful to be within the sacred walls of the temple. It was a very enjoyable way to spend 2 hours. Then we went to our favorite Italian restaurant in the entire world, 44 Southwest. Or Southwest 44... or something. Anyway, we make sure to go every time we're in New York. Then we got hot chocolate for our walk back to Port Authority to hop on the 8:00 bus home.

Then we got to go to a hotel. And sleep!!! For 9 hours!! Ahhh it's been heaven. And I actually miss my kids and can't wait to go see them. I am blogging this from our hotel.


Worst grocery trip ever

So I ran 2.4 miles today. Pushing a stroller with like 60 lb of kid inside. Go me! Then afterwards I realized we needed hamburger buns for dinner. So a quick stop at Giant Eagle and we'd be set.

I want to write this so you can really picture the ridiculousness of it. It was pretty chilly. Like 50 degrees. That might as well be subzero temps for my Arizona babies. And of course Olivia can't keep her jacket on in the car because it's TOO hot in the car. So I get her jacket back on her, and get her out, and tell her to stay RIGHT BY ME (in the mean mommy voice, ya know the one, right?) while I get Abigail out of her car seat. She's usually really good about this. Today she started to run into the parking lot. Full speed. I screamed my head off like she was about to be ran over, but there wasn't even a car in sight. But there could've been! Anyway that got my heart pumping. Then walking to the entrance Olivia is crying because I'm holding her arm not her hand. Then she's crying because she wants the other cart. Then we're in the store hightailing it to the bathroom since I reeeeeeally have to pee and so does Olivia. Get to the bathroom, cram us all into one stall. Abigail still in cart. Olivia insists on going first. Then takes forever. Then gets obsessed with the "magic flushing" toilet. Anyway, finally I get to go. And right as I'm standing up to pull up my pants (there's an image I know you all wanted) Olivia opens the stall door, right as a lady was walking into the bathroom, which this door faced perfectly. I just froze. Our eyes locked in a moment of awkardness. She just left the bathroom entirely. I got the kids out, washed our hands (Olivia cried because she didn't want to wash her hands) apologized to the lady and made some comment about "no privacy with these little ones, sorry.." and of course I just had to run into her like 3 more times in the store. Because of course while I was there I remembered we needed to try Quinoa and there's a black bean recipe I wanted to try... and yeah ended up spending $70, and about $10 of it was on crap to just keep Olivia from throwing fits.

By the time we go to the checkout Olivia was promised a pony if she would just stop crying and sit still. Abigail dropped her cookie and said "Uhoohhh". Olivia cried because I wouldn't let her eat it. So much for that pony. Then of course the whole journey back to the car. Olivia will no longer stay in the cart, she wants to walk. This time I remember to hold her HAND, and we make it back to the car. Get Olivia buckled into her carseat while Abigail is still in shopping cart.. ahh I'm learning. Olivia's crying because she wants a cookie. Abigail's now crying because she doesn't want to be in the car seat and probably because Olivia is crying.

Made it home. Made dinner. Kids in bed. Laundry still needs to be put away but I am too exhausted to do anything other than type this then sleeeeeep.


Olivia, oh Olivia...

This morning at 2:38am I woke up to a very wet Olivia. She wet the bed. I stripped her down, put her in my bed while I tiptoed into her room and looked for a new pair of PJ's without waking Abigail. Came back to my room with the PJ's. Started to put them on her, and she said, "No, Mommy I want my green shirt." OLIVIA! It's freaking 3 o'clock in the morning, you can't even see what color your shirt is. alfiorhfjansgjhfaguhwrhgjkafvn!

So I just said, "okay." And continued to dress her with what I already had. I guess she was too tired to fight. She is just so opinionated it's ridiculous. Which is one of her new favorite words. I asked her to clean up her toys in the living room to which she responded, "Mom, that's weedicwulus!"

She also told Aaron she doesn't love him anymore. She told me she's not my friend anymore. And that when she gets big and I get littler she's going to flush me down the toilet. I think that's probably the meanest thing she could think of.

What on earth do I do with this child? I love her to peices, but my goodness she wears me out.


The world keeps spinning faster...

Today I decided to let Aaron study and get the kids out of the house. We went to the grocery store than to the park. I didn't bring a diaper bag. It wasn't going to be a long trip, and I had just changed Abigail's diaper, so we SHOULD have been good. After the grocery store we drove around looking for a new park. By the time we found the park I thought I smelt something a little funky.

Abigail had poop down to her toes. It was by far the grossest poop mess I have ever faced. And I'm the biggest pushover/idiot ever... I didn't want to disappoint Olivia and have to go home. Plus Aaron needed the time to study, and the weather was SO nice. So I dug through the trunk and found a beach towel and spare pair of shorts. I "cleaned" as much as I could with the towel, and my spit. Seriousy. Gross. So anyway I threw away the pants and socks Abigail was wearing, along with the towel. I put the other shorts on her and let her play. As soon as we got home we were all bathed. There was no one at the park when this all happened. But a family came shortly after. Surprisingly their visit was pretty short. I wondered if it was from our stench. My suspicions were confirmed when a group of teenagers showed up, then quickly left covering their noses.

At least we had the playground to ourselves.



So Fall here is absolutely beautiful.

The leaves are the most beautiful colors. I seriously can't drive anywhere, I have to let Aaron drive because I'm so easily distracted by the breath taking colors. And then there's that wonderful smell. Ya know, the leaves, someone making a fire, the cool breeze, whatever it is, it just smells like fall and I LOVE it.

On Friday I took the kids the Port Farms. It's such a fun place. I wish our camera wasn't dead, or at least that we knew where the charger was. They have this huuuuge box full of dry corn! Abigail loved it. She would just flop back and roll around in it. And eat it. Like it was candy. Olivia also loved it. But she really liked these huge slides they had built into a big hill. And feeding goats. And hayrides. It was just a perfect fall day.

Then the next day we made a big pile of leaves and played in it. Jumping, throwing, rolling. It was good times.

Yesterday we all went back to Port Farms as a family. It was just as much fun as the first time. I really love this time of year. Doesn't hurt that my birthday is on Sunday!

Abigail has some new tricks. Besides walking everywhere like it's her job, she also started folding her arms for prayer. And saying "uh-oh" whenever something "bad" happens. Like the music stops, the TV turns off, she drops something, etc. She is such a little bundle of cute.

Bedtime is getting better. Olivia's stopped coming out of her room, for the most part. But last night she was still up in her bed reading books after 9:00! The other night she was reading until almost 11! I mean, I know Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree is a pretty gripping tale, real page turner really, but good grief. She's up before the sun every single day of her life. Maybe I need to have her stop taking naps... ugh, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that. We'll see. And I guess as long as she's reading in her bed quietly it shouldn't bother me. But she has also been grouchy. Oh well, figuring it out as we go, I guess.


I'm starting a weight loss blog


I'll probably not keep it up, and end up just sticking to this one, but we'll see. It's just about my weight loss. I'll keep the cute kiddo stories here. So if you're interested in following my weight loss struggle check it out. I really do appreciate all the words of encouragement.


Olivia - "Mommy your bum is kinda... weird."
Me - "What do you mean kinda weird?"
Olivia - "Well (inspecting my rear)... it's kinda like a dragon."

I don't know even know how to respond.

Later that day...

Me- "Olivia, you can't have any more soda. It's not good for your heart to drink soda."
Olivia - "Mommy, listen. That's my heart! It says it LOVES soda!"

Well how can ya argue with that?


They're Cute.

Tonight Olivia was sitting at the edge of her bed holding onto her foot board and rocking back and forth yelling, "C'mon Flounder! I know you can do it. You are going to win this race! Aaawwww c'mon Flounder!! You're not even moving! Oh I know! {Hops off bed, gets a pair of pajama's and puts over the foot board} There! Is that better Flounder? Let's go win that race! I know you can do it!"

I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff. I asked Aaron if there was Backyardigans or something with a horse named Flounder who's in a race or something, and it seems like maybe she combined a few episodes together or something. She's a hoot I tell ya.

And Abigail is right behind her. She never wants to be left out. Oh, and by the way did I mention she's WALKING? I love this stage though. She's so unsteady, and slow. She takes about 50 little steps to go the length of one of my strides. I know it's not going to last, and I'll be running around after her before I know it, so I'm enjoying this stage while it lasts. It's so very cute. And speaking of cute... she loves to make people laugh. She will do just about anything if she thinks it will get you to laugh. Lately she'll pick up whatever is around her and put it on her head. Then just look at you with the funniest expression until you laugh. In the car tonight she also started whispering, "Dada... dada... dada..." just a soft whisper. Trying to make us laugh. And it worked. It always works. Just the idea that she's trying to be a little comedian already cracks me up.

She is also learning to communicate her needs quite effectively. She can nod her head yes and no. I think I've mentioned that before. It still amazes me when I ask her certain questions and see her respond correctly. Last night at the grocery store her face was a mess from spaghetti, and the man behind us said, "Do you have a messy face!" And she nodded an enthusiastic yes. It was so funny. Today she brought me a yogurt from the fridge and squealed over and over until I asked, "Do you want to eat this?" And she nodded yes. She can also say, Mama, Dada, uh-oh, nana, and some version of Olivia, like yaya.

Anyway thought I'd take a break from weight loss talk for a bit. I'll get back to that, probably tomorrow.