We watched daddy play football.

He scored a touch down. But we think he really scored in the family department. :) I mean look at these beautiful girls, and then of course there's me.

Then we spent some time with friends and family. This picture really doesn't do a good job of showing it, but these two are 2 weeks apart, but look more like 2 months! It will be so fun to watch them grow up together.

And didn't get it pictured, but we baked pies, ate turkey and all that yummy stuff, took naps, and attempted some shopping today. Love this time of year.


My helper

So I just feel the need to brag on my little 20 month old for a quick minute. She has been fabulous since her sister has come home. She LOVES to help. If she's in the middle of throwing a fit for whatever reason, most of the time if I ask her to do something the fit stops and she instantly says, "Okay mommy!" And does what I ask. Of course this is most of the time, but I love it. She throws away diapers, fetches diapers, helps put lotion on Abbi after a bath, puts laundy in the hamper, etc. Today I dropped something on the floor and she ran to get it for me and picked it up and put it in the sink. Then when flour spilled she went and got the broom and started trying to sweep it up. It's so sweet! We are baking cookies for the office's patient appriciation day tomorrow, and Olivia was my big helper. She loved holding the hand mixer, and sang a song, "mix mix mix mix". That's her other thing. She loves to sing to her sister. She sings so softly, and usually no words are decipherable besides, "rock baby, rockababy, rock baby...". SO CUTE! She will also run over and give Abbi a kiss on the top of her head out of no where. Anyway right now is a rare moment when Abbi is asleep, and Olivia is playing with friends (THANKS JILL!) so I need to make the most of it by getting on top of some of the cleaning around here. What is it about weekends that the house goes to complete pot?


Chilly sunday morning

So we have the heat on. I figure this is blog worthy since I was starting to think that this day would never come. After so many months of 90+ tempatures it is nice to feel a little chilly. I wish I had some hot chocolate!

We are cuddling under blankets and watching DVD's. Olivia has a cold. So far no one else has caught it. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way.

Abigail is a noisey baby. She cooes, grunts, occassionally screams, and is rarely silent. Even in her sleep. She grunts more than anything else. I have no idea what it means. Like if she did every time before she pooped it would make sense to me... but she just does it all the time. Leaving me with little sleep. The thing, she's not even waking up, just making these grunting sounds. I'm thinking I might put her in a different room... but we'll see. Right now she's right next to my bed, so when she is hungry all I have to do is roll over, latch her on, and we both usually fall back to sleep. Then when I wake up I stick her back in her bassinet. This would work if she wasn't so loud. Then this morning around 4:45 she was wide awake and wanting to be held. She didn't fall back to sleep until 7:30... guess what time Olivia woke up. 7:30. So I'm tired.

But we are enjoying this chilly morning. Makes me feel like the holidays are really here.


Abigail Rose

So we made it through week one.. half way through week 2. Today Olivia woke up with a little fever and runny nose. Hoping and hoping it's teething related, espcially since we have barely left the house since Abby (Abbi?) has been born so I have no clue how she could have caught anything. Abigail has been doing wonderful. She sleeps great, eats great, poops tons, couldn't ask for more from a newborn! Right now her biggest stretch of sleep seems to be from around 11 until 4 or 5. I wake her up to feed her around 3, but she hardly wakes up. These are just some of the faces I love. This was when the photographer in the hospital was torturing her.

It's hard to catch on camera, but she smiles lots in her sleep. I love watching babies sleep.

So we're all alive and doing well. I am adjusting much better than I thought I would to having two kids on my own... well with Aaron's help of course. And granted, this is my first full day on my own! Had my mom and dad here for a couple weeks and it was lovely!


The long story.

Abigail..(haven't decided on a middle name..) Opie. 9lbs 5 oz.

Well I don't really feel like typing out the entire story right now so we'll see where this goes. Friday night I was having pretty bad contractions. I thought for sure I was in labor. I tried to wait as long as possible to wake up Aaron. Woke him at 5am, and the contractions started to ease up. In fact by 1:00 I'd say they were entirely gone. They were kind of intermitten throughout the day. After trick-or-treating and other halloween festivities I was having contractions again. They felt the same as the ones that morning so I was sure they'd stop. I took a tylenol and tried to sleep. I wasn't going to time the contractions because really I was sure it was going to stop again. But then they were getting pretty uncomfortable... I really didn't think it was real labor, but thought if we went to the hospital at least I could get an epidural and sleep until "active labor" kicked in. But then I realized the contractions were 1-2 minutes apart. We got to the hospital and I was feeling an urge to push. My water broke just outside the door of the hospital. Of course in admitting they wanted me to do all this paperwork and whatnot, and I was trying not to freak out on the poor lady. When the nurse was finally able to check me the baby was crowning and they rushed me into delivery room. The doctor was barely able to make it in time. From the moment I got there I was asking for my epidural. I had no desire for a natural childbirth whatsoever. In fact in the car I told Aaron, they say to think about your baby and stuff to get through the contractions, but all I could think about was getting an epidural! I was so scared of pushing her out. When the dr got there and I could push, I didn't want to, I was so afraid. But they said just do one little push and if I can't do it they'll get me something. Well one push and she was out. I didn't believe it. I was saying I couldn't do it again, and everyone was like, "You did it. She's out!" CRAZY. For the next few hours all I could say was that I couldn't believe I had a baby like that.. I couldn't believe I was in labor all that time at home. I couldn't believe I actually pushed her out in one push. It's all still surreal.

She's been great so far. Eats well. Sleeps well. Poops lots. The only horrible thing is that Olivia is not allowed to visit in the hospital. I was not mentally prepared for this seperation at all. We had no idea siblings weren't allowed. My dad brought her, and I was so excited for her to meet her sister... and cried my eyes out when they told me she couldn't come in. And I have to stay in the hospital for 48 hours because I was group B+. Blah. I miss this face. (By the way this is what she does now when she's in trouble. She thinks no one can see her.)