Some funny pictures

So I'm not sure why these uploaded so funky. I think forgot to center them. Oh well... first picture was the one of Olivia with peanut butter all over her face. She can now reach the counter with ease and get anything off it that she wants. So while I was busy doing something else, she covered her face in peanut butter, then came to me and said, "Look! Pretty make up!" Cracked me up, but what a stinkin mess! So into the sink she went for a bath. And I had to take a pic of the munchkin hair. Meanwhile, Abigail busied herself by doing crunches on her mat. I need to get a better picture of it, but Abigail will frequently lift her legs, and raise her head and arms, just like the pilates post The 100. It's like she knows she's a little chub and she's trying to work it off :) She does it in her car seat too. This girl is going to have abs of steel by her first birthday.

Also just random funniness from the mouth of Olivia.

Last night she heard a loud noise. She asked, "Daddy's home?" And I said, "No... I'm not sure what that was." And she replied, "Oh, Abigail just tooted." Hahhahaha! Seriously... it was like an airplane flying overhead or something. Such a funny kid.


can't sleep.

Aaron is in PA for his interview in LECOM. We recently found out he was accepted to Midwestern! So now what to do?

Pro's of staying in AZ and going to Midwestern:
We have several means of income here. I can sub, babysit, and clean the office.
We own 2 properties here. Selling either or both would be difficult. Renting both would also be difficult. Esp if we are going to be 2,000 miles away.
We'll miss all our wonderful friends and family here.
Aaron will have an hour commute every day to Glendale.
It's really really really cold there in the winter. And winter seems to last forever.

Pro's of going to LECOM (granted he hasn't even been accepted yet, but I'm thinking he's a shoe-in personally...)
It will save us roughly 60K over the course of 3 years.
We would be within driving distance of my family in NJ (like 7 hours, but hey that's driving distance!) This is most important to me because while Aaron is in school we won't be able to travel back to NJ nearly as much as we do now.
It would be a fun adventure for our little family. We have always been really close to his family and it would def be a change for us to be more on our own.
We could rent somewhere pretty cheap close to school.
It's really really really hot here in the summer. And summer seems to last forever.

So what to do...what to do... We are praying so much about it. I know the Lord will guide us in this decision. We have relied on Him through our entire marriage and He has gotten us this far. I know He won't let us down now. As long we are doing His will, I know it will work out. We have less than 2 weeks to let Midwestern know our decision.

And now I lay here wide awake because my security husband isn't here. I am so accustomed to him laying next to me, or at least knowing he is here that I absolutely cannot sleep.

We went to Mexico!

So we knew Aaron's family was heading down to Mexico for spring break, but the common understanding was that you need a passport to cross the border. Apparently this is not so. After much research I learned that traveling by air, you need a passport, but traveling by land you only need a drivers license. So with very little time to pack and all that we were off. We had such a great relaxing time. We built sand castles, laid in the sun, swam and played in the water, watched sunsets, ate the most delicious tacos, ate the most amazing guacamole, collected seashells, bargain shopped, and slept. It was a wonderful trip.


Just to give you an idea....

Today we had our traditional family gathering for Green Eggs and Ham. It's the way Aaron's family celebrates St. Patrick's Day (I think... or there's another reason we eat green eggs and ham and I'm completely unaware of it). Anyway all the cousins were together, and Olivia had a great time. One of the cousins is going to be 1 next week. Abigail weighs 3 lbs more than her. It cracked me up. I love my chubby girl. Although both my girls have been cranky as can be lately. I am ready to start working full time or something. I need to constantly be keeping Olivia busy or she's whining. Nothing is ever big enough, chocolatey enough, whatever. It needs to be just as she wants or she freaks. If you come to our house you are bound to here, "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit." Multiple times a day. So some ridiculous things Olivia has said lately... well this is actually an example of what she hasn't said... Aaron asked her to do something and she said no, and Aaron said, "You don't say no to daddy." So she shook her no and said, "mm-mm". Like, see I'm not saying no, but I still am. Seriously the fact that her mind is working like this at barely 2 scares me for the future. Maybe she's getting it all out of system now. Oh a funny thing that still makes me laugh, is when the tag was bothering her on her pants she kept telling me there was a flag on her bum. I was like, "A flag?" I realized she meant tag, but I guess it is kinda like a flag... hahaha oh man. She's a crack up for sure. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more laughter and less tears.


Olivia's 2!

So this week brought birthdays galore! Olivia turned 2, my mother in law turned 50, my brother in law turned 29 and my father in law turned 54. And my sister-in-law's birthday is next week.

For Olivia's birthday I took her and her two friends to Jump and Shout. Then we had family over on her birthday for cake and ice cream. Olivia had so much fun and got lots of fun new stuff. My aunt got her a bike, which I still need to take a picture of her on. It's so cute. It has Ariel on it, and it blows bubbles and plays music and lights up. Olivia loves it. Her feet just barely miss the peddles so she can't quite ride it yet, but I'm sure before I know it she will be all over the place on it. She also got a Little People Farm, an easel, chalk, crayons, some clothes, a sippy cup, a Furreal cat, a puzzle, and sand toys, and cute hair bows. She had a great day. She went to bed with the biggest smile and said, "Thank you momma. I love you SO MUCH!" Can't beat that, huh? I wish I had taken more pictures. These are the only few I have from her birthday.

As far as what Olivia's up to... she is a piece of work and tries my patience daily. But she is so stinking smart. She constantly needs to be kept busy or she's getting into trouble. She talks nonstop. She can count to 10. She knows some of her letters. She knows her colors. We're finally getting some sleep around here. Both girls go to sleep around 8, and sleep about until 7.

In unrelated news, Aaron got an interview at LECOM! (Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine) It's in Erie, PA, approx 7 hours and 20 minutes from Middletown, NJ! If he gets in there we would be moving this summer. Possibly. Lots of possibilities. We will see what happens, and we are praying lots about it. I don't know what we'd do with our house and condo, but I trust that the Lord is taking care of us. I know He is. So whatever will be, will be. But I'm secretly, okay probably not so secretly, hoping we get in!


Today was a great day. It was not as expected. But as I sit here at the end of the day I feel so grateful for my little family.

I have been looking forward to Lehi Days today for weeks now. I was so excited for Olivia to do the chicken races, and the petting zoo, and the yummy BBQ food. And tonight was our ward adult dinner, a Night in Italy. A free date! I was so pumped. But we woke up to a sick little girl. She had a pretty high fever. We couldn't find the thermometer, so I don't know how high it was, but she was acting pretty crazy, and sleepy. But then the fever would break and she would be fine. Then it would come back and she'd be miserable. Then it'd go away and she was fine. She has no other symptoms really. So we stayed home. We watched movies. Laid on the couch.

And my wonderful husband worked in the yard. There were weeds so tall we were pretty sure a homeless person had built himself a studio apartment beneath them. So Aaron worked so hard outside, then came inside and cleaned and cleaned. He did laundry and dishes while I went to a bridal shower, and took care of babies. I feel grateful to be married to him. So grateful.

Oh and also... we let Abigail cry it out... and she's already sleeping through the night. One night of crying, 2 nights of 10 hours of sleep. Bliss. :)


Abigail's a big girl!

So if you put Abigail next to 100 other 4 month old girls, she would statistically be taller than all of them. Heavier too. And a bigger head. We had a Dr. appointment this morning. All three areas were 99th percentile, or just barely off the chart. She's 19 lbs, and 26.5''. I really thought she was 20 lbs. Guess I was close.

So in other news... olivia has been asking to go to the beach lately. I don't know where she gets it. Seriously, the beach?? Sorry kid, you live in Arizona. Anyway, today I said okay. We put on our bathing suits, and Beach Boys music, and sunblock, and played beach in our playroom. We went in a boat (cardboard box), and surfed (on books) and played in the sand (just brown towels). It was a lot of fun. Just a memory I wanted recorded. I tried to take some pictures but Abigail was pretty cranky. Here are some pictures of Abigail at four months.