Cutest girl

Good morning, Mom! I had a great nap (even if it wasn't long enough for you...) Reading a good book during our camping trip
Trying on some shades at Target in NJ
Learning to drink from the sippy cup... or just chewing it.
And that's our update in pictures. I'll try to get more up soon.


Opie Family Reunion '08

Well we just got back from Hawley Lake for the Opie Family Reunion. It was beautiful up there. It was cool (maybe just a bit too chilly for me and O just getting over our colds), but nice and warm during the day. We bundled up like crazy at night. It rained lots, but just in little bursts. We played lots of fun games that were centered around a "Be Loyal to the Royal within" theme. This included "sword fighting" (locking hands in a certain way, with pointer fingers out as swords and you try to poke the other person... lots of fun) and this princess saving game, and a javelin tossing came... fun stuff. Mostly we got to just relax and chat with family. It was nice to see Christy, Aaron's cousin who moved to St. Louis a few months ago. I love chatting with her and picking her brain about all sorts of parenting questions, since I really admire her as a mommy! Olivia slept great for the most part. We on the other hand did not. Our first night we had this air mattress that Aaron's parents gave us as a gift for Aaron's birthday. Well... we didn't want to be rude, but it was just a horrible air mattress! I preferred the ground to it. Turns out, the box totally lied about what kind of mattress it was. Aaron's mom had thought she got this awesome double chamber queen size airbed type thing. And on the box that's what it said it was! But it def was not. I think that someone possibly purchased it, took out the good one, replaced it with their crappy one and then returned it. So anyway, first night on that mattress was just terrible. We tried to inflate and kept deflating and Aaron was sleeping right on top of a root... so probably around 2am he went and got a different air mattress. Well this one, we couldn't inflate because the little pump thing died trying to inflate the previous mattress so many times. So then around 3ish Aaron went and got a cot. I insisted on sleeping on the floor on top of the deflated air mattress. Except I didn't realize how incredibly cold I would be! And uncomfortable. So I think a little after 5 or so Aaron switched me. Then the cows invaded. There were these free roaming cows all over camp. And they were extremely loud. But I still got some sleep. The next night the cows were keeping me up again. This time though I dind't know it was a cow. I heard this weird drumming sound. I woke up Aaron and asked him what it was. He told me it was the rain falling in a bucket. It was not raining! I told him this, and he said, "What? Oh? I was just saying that so you don't get scared." Well I'm rambling a lot, and I should be sleeping so I'll just some up by saying it was a cow with his head stuck in someone's food bucket! For some reason I think that's hilarious.
Well going to sleep now. We're trying Olivia in her crib for the first time tonight. I'm really nervous about it, even though she's already asleep in it. I don't know what I'm so afraid of, but I love having her right next to us, where it's easy to feed her and hear her. But she can't sleep there forever right? So... we'll see how this goes. I think she could just sleep with us until she doesn't eat in the middle of the night anymore, but we'll see.
Oh and one more thing... I got sucked in and started reading Twilight while camping. I'm about halfway into it... good book, but I don't what's with the ridiculous craze! We'll see, my opinion may change. Okay eyes are closing while writing this ...


There are worse things than a stuffy nose...

This is what I have to keep telling myself, as Olivia has a cold again. It's been pretty nasty, lots of congestion, lack of sleep all aroud, and mild fevers. Not really much else going on except trying to get O better as quick as possible. And while she's actually sleeping right now I should try to get something done in this neglected house.


Starting Solids.

I'll have to add the pictures later, but while I have a minute I'll write about Olivia's first taste of rice cereal. Since she turned 4 months I've given her little tastes of whatever I'm eating, as long as it's something she won't choke on. So she's tasted lots of things, but hasn't ever actually eaten a meal... until last night. I mixed up the rice cereal with some breastmilk and my little girl gobbled it up!! I am surprised at how well she swallowed it. I'd say about 75% ended up in her tummy. I think that's pretty good for a first feeding. It was really watered down, so after a few bites of her taking it fine, I added a little more cereal and thickened it a bit. She still did great, and seemed to love it. The funny thing was that she got impatient between bites. She couldn't wait for me to refill the spoon. She'd start kicking her legs and flailing her arms between each bite. I guess with nursing it's just constantly coming so it's new to have to wait for more! So now I am not sure where to go from here. I know we'll stick to just the rice cereal for a while, but when should we add another meal? How long is it just one? When to start veggies? What a whole new world we're entering. And I think she may have slept longer because instead of waking up at 1:00am for her feeding she lasted all the way to 3. So it could be a number of factors, but we'll see what happens again tonight.


The current I

I am: a Jersey girl at heart
I think: that I'm always pregnant even when I knowI'm not.
I know: I should spend way less time reading people's blogs.
I want: to finally find the perfect house
I have: too many incomplete to-do lists
I wish: I owned one pair of pants that actually fit right.
I hate: putting away laundry
I miss: my fam in NJ
I fear: Aaron dying an untimely death (sick and morbid I know)
I feel: frustrated that Olivia won't nap
I hear: O fussing in my arms while I try to type this,and obnoxious neighbors.
I smell: the wonderful mixture of baby powder and sour milk that make babies smell heavenly
I crave: sleeeeep & silence
I search: for my keys, wallet, or one of the 6 binkies in our house, daily.
I wonder: about the next presidential election and what's going to happen to America.
I regret: stuff I did as a dumb teenager.
I love: the Gospel, and my husband
I care: about what other people think about me.
I always: nurse Olivia to sleep. Whatever works right?
I am not: ever happy with my body.
I believe: in God the Eternal Father, and in His Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost
I dance: in my house while cleaning.
I sing: way off key, in fact so off key I don't even know what on key is, and that's not a joke!
I dont always: watch a certain TV show each week, like I used to.
I fight: seldomly with anyone
I write: in my journal once a week
I lose: binkies all the time.
I win: very few games I play with Aaron
I never: flew on a plane until I was 18
I listen: well, I hope. I try to be a good listener, because I know I'm def a good talker!
I can usually be found: on my cell phone.
I am scared: of lots of irrational things, dentists, escalators, masks...
I need: to teach Young Women's today
I am happy about: the fact that Olivia is really just an angel baby.
I tag: JESSICA! (so you'll finally update your blog ;) ) And anyone else who wants to play.


Finally some NJ pics...

First of all... I absolutely love this picture. It's just pricelss.

And these pictures don't really show much of the trip as much as Olivia's cuteness. But isn't she gorgeous? I just love her. Some cute tidbits. She now laughs her head off, but only at other kids! No matter how goofy I am, I just can't compete with 3 year olds I guess. But the sound is the best thing I've ever heard. Well time to sleep.
oh ps, I made Aaron a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting for his birthday and it was delicious. I went for taste rather than style this year, and it was so yummy. Everything was made from scratch. So fun that way. At least for the bragging rights :) Okay seriously sleep now.
Oh one more thing... birthday free stuff is so fun. There's a website that lists all the free stuff you can get on your birthday. Today Aaron enjoyed free lunch at Joe's Real BBQ, and a free movie rental at Hollywood video, which somehow turned into 2 free rentals but no one knew why. Did you know you could get your oil changed free at Autozone? And there lots of other things on this website: http://www.financephysician.com/2007/06/27/how-to-get-lots-of-stuff-for-free-on-your-birthday/. I'm sure there's way more out there, because this list doesn't mention Hollywood video or Harkins. But Perkins does a free stack of pancakes, Joe's does free sandwich, side, drink and dessert!, and Old Spaghetti Factory does free meal. So you could have a whole day of free fun! That's our plan for next year. Okay now really time to sleep.


Today is Aaron's birthday. The big 2-5. Honestly, how did we get so grown up? Well on his special day I thought I'd sit here and list 25 wonderful reasons Aaron is the best. Some of these only he may get, but I guess this one's for him anyways ;)

1 - He is supportive of my crazy hobbies. Not only supportive, but helpful and encouraging.
2 - We can be extremely goofy and playful.
3 - He's a great dad, and even when he's had a hard day of work he'll still take Olivia when he gets home so I can have a few minutes to myself.
4 - He thinks I'm the best cook. He will eat anything I cook, even when I put cinnomin insteand of cumin in the chili, and sweetened condensed milk in chicken enchiliada casserole instead of sour cream.
5- He's extremely loyal to his friends and family. If someone ever needs him he is there in a heart beat.
6 - His patience.
7 -Genourisity (I probably spelt that wrong...)
8- The fact that he knows if I spelt that wrong and he could spell it correctly, along with any other word in the English language.
9- Crossword puzzles and airplane rides.
10 - He is my encylopedia. On our first date I asked, more just wondering outloud why someitmes the moon looks orange. Aaron knew. It's like that with almost everything. I can ask him just about any random thing and he always knows. It's crazy how much information he keeps in that brain.
11 - He really doesn't care if I don't make the bed every day. (At least I don't think he does... if he does he's really good at seeming like he doesn't mind.)
12- Wants the best for his family, so he works so hard for it.
13 - Honors his priesthood and does his home-teaching and other service quietly and humbly.
14 - Giving strangers rides. All over the valley. All sorts of people.
15 - The way he won't admit it, but really he loves black people. The way he talks to people who are black (sorry is that word offensive? I don't even know what's PC anymore) is just so funny. Can't explain it.
16 - Takes me on a date every week.
17 - He usually picks because I can never decide.
18 - Loves to surprise me... even if I'm not always super grateful (i.e., bedspread...) But even more so when I am (ie. appliances, flowers, etc.)
19 - Helps out around the house with laundry and dishes :)
20 - Rice and beans
21 - sss
22- Whenever I think of being in labor and giving birth I'm so amazed by how much Aaron helped me through what is quite possibly one of the hardest things I've ever done. I know usually the husband marvels at the wife, but he was really amazing!
23- How ever since we were dating and I got upset about his lack of affection during a movie, he now constantly rubs my arm, or holds my hand during movies.
24-The way he believes I can do anything. Paint, bake, play piano... and how he thinks I know where everything is.
25 - Aaaand the number one thing I love most about Aaron... how he puts his heart into things, from a video game to work.

Love you, Aaron. Hope your day is great.


We're back!

Well we survived the plane trip home. Olivia screamed the first little bit. Then fell asleep for 45 minutes, then got fussy, not too bad just constant effort on my part to keep her happy. Then I swaddled her, fed her, and she slept for the rest of the trip. It was a very long 5 hours. But then we were home, and I seriously have the best husband ever. He got me all new appliances in our kitchen!! New fridge, stove and dishwasher! Brand new. I am just so excited. Our old appliances were pretty ghetto and/or didn't work. Everything was installed and ready to go. Honestly, what a guy. I'll have to post pictures later.

Also, Olivia is 4 months today so I want to take some pictures. She is blowing raspberries, grabbing everything within reach, can hold her own bottle (sort of), rolls over from tummy to back, giggles if you do something really funny, loves people and smiles at everyone when she first looks at them. She is just growing up so fast. I will update more later, for now I have to start putting a dent in this mountain of laundry while O is asleep.


Just so you know...

I'm in NJ and loving it... except for the whole being away from Aaron part. :( I miss him. But I've been enjoying time with the fam. 4th of July was great. We went to the world famous Richfield Park Parade. Been going there forever with my family. Olivia was great during it. She slept for part, and put on a great show of smiles and gurgles while she was awake. She has been so amazing actually. Espcially for the lack of the sleep she's been getting here. But there's lots of new people and things to look at to keep her entertained. Well we're getting ready to go to the mall now.


So here's my list of random things about me...

  1. I think it's really weird that my husband puts on a sock, then the shoe, then the other sock, then the other shoe... I thought everyone in the world put on their socks then their shoes. We've been married almost 3 years, and I just realized this, this morning.
  2. I have a desire to be frugal, and use coupons and find bargains and buy like $48239089054 worth of groceries for $14.86... but I just don't even know where to start.
  3. I'm a serial hobbyist. It didn't start until after I got married, but I have since taken up piano, painting, blogging :), traveling, knitting, crotcheting, baking, running, wii-fitting, scrapbooking... and next on my list is sewing, rock climbing, and cake decorating.
  4. I am really lazy. I have to force myself every day to be productive. If it wasn't for the guilt factor, I could lay around all day. It's a personality flaw I work on constantly
  5. Almost every peice of furniture we own was either a gift or found by a dumpster. I'm pretty sure the only peice of furniture we've purchased brand new is a bedside table at Ikea. I used to have issues with this, and wanted new pretty things... but now I'm pretty okay with it. Prefer it really. Because when the kitchen chair breaks (while I'm sitting on it...) or something spills on the dresser it's not a big deal because it was free. If it was something we financed or paid a lot of money for my life would be much more stressful
  6. That said... my husband and I do find ways to spend our money... I'd say most of our budget is spent on food and airline tickets. My family lives in NJ and we try to get back there as much as possible.
  7. I have big ambitions, that sometimes come to pass, and sometimes don't.
  8. Like I wanted a natural drug free childbirth, but got an epidural which is okay by me!
  9. Some recent things I've set out to do... run a 5k, complete a triathlon, remodel our kitchen, cook with food storage (powdered milk and hard red wheat)... things like that.
  10. I watch the show Reba almost every day. We don't have cable and cw61 is one of the only channels that comes in clear... and Olivia usually eats right at 4:00 when it's starting, and I just get hooked. It's not a good show, at all really. But sometimes it makes me laugh.
  11. Oh one more thing... I really think I have an early onset dimensia since I got pregnant and had Olivia. I forget so much important stuff, even if I write it down. I make typos, I never used to! I lose things a lot. I have become the type of person who always used to get on my nerves!!
  12. Oh and one more... I read your blog. I am sure if you are reading this, I have at one point read your blog, whether I know you or not. Whenever I'm feeding Olivia I am blog surfing and reading all about people's lives that I don't know. What a sick form of voyerism I am guilty of.

and that's all...