Happy Halloween!

So my last picture scared quite a few of you... and having the radio that close to the sink where Olivia was bathing probably not such a good idea. Consider the radio moved. No worries she never leaves my sight. Anyway Halloween has been fun. Well sort of. Olivia has ANOTHER cold. She's been coughing like crazy as well. No fun. But here are some cute pictures. We did venture out and go trick or treating with Olivia's cousins. They are all extremely tired in this picture.

Olivia got a second wind after a few minutes of seeing all the kids. It was an uphill battle getting to her sleep once we got home! But now she's finally asleep and I should be too. So goodnight. Hope you had a happy halloween!


This picture cracks me up! I was giving Olivia a bath in the sink and I guess she didn't like my music because she crawled right out and went for the radio! LOL
Anyway, life's been pretty good. I sub one day a week now. Today I subbed for music and it was so fun. Olivia is still getting everywhere and into everything. We also started going to baby lapsit at the Mesa library on Thursdays. It's for babies birth - 18 months. The lady does a great job and Olivia has so much fun. Anyway just thought it was time for a little update :)


Happy Birthday...

TO ME! Today was a great birthday. Aaron is always amazing. We started by going out to lunch with his fam and cousin Sean. Then went pumpkin picking, I'll attatch the pictures of that because Olivia was absolutely adorable. And then we dropped her off with Aunt Allison and Uncle Douger and cousins while we went and painted pottery and had a yummy dinner at Slices. Okay I have to go feed the crying baby so I'll upload these pics and be done.

This is my favorite face.



Can't really see it, but there's a tooth there on the left! Love.
Playing outside! (Look closely on her right side to see black eye.)
And I'm still trying to figure out that video. Hopefully for my birthday I'll get a webcam and maybe it'll be easier. My video files are too big so I have to keep editing them and I'm no good at that.
So teething is definitely underway. Olivia is handling it pretty well. She just has the most awful stuffy nose that's constantly running. I'm not sure if it's just the cold on it's way out or from teething. Either way, it's not fun.


Did I mention...

She also cut her first tooth today! I'll try to get some pictures up later.

Please don't call CPS...

In the last 7 days my poor baby girl has been poisoned, electrocuted, suffered multiple head injuries (one resulting in a black eye) and has had the worst little cold that has now turned into a hacking cough.

Well let me explain. She's 7 months old now and getting into everything. Trying to pull herself up on everything, and then tries to walk. A few days ago I was painting our bathroom. I look over at Olivia in her playpen where I thought she was safe, but somehow something in there had wet paint on it, and of course she was eating it. A quick phone call to the poison control center assured me all she needed was a drink of water and she'd be fine.

The electrocution was more of just a shock, but she was eating the end of an extension cord, that was apparently plugged in. I feel most guilty about this one, because she was sitting in my lap and I didn't even think, "Oh extension cord in my baby's mouth, this can really only end badly."

And the head injuries are multiple, as she keeps pulling herself up onto EVERYTHING, stable or not. There was a coffee table and Grandma and Grandpa's cabin that Olivia liked to pull herself up on. It had the pointiest corners ever. Of course Olivia found that out with her right eye. It was horrible, and I think I cried as much as she did.

So the house is going to stay messy for a while, because I'll be busy protecting my baby from any more serious calamities.

ps- sorry that last video isn't working. I'm not sure what I did wrong, I'll try to figure it out while she's asleep.


Yay videos!

So here is Olivia crawling, sort of. This about a month old already! She has gotten quicker, and better form :) She now gets up on all fours and gets around pretty fast. And here's a picture right before the bonk that led to her bruise.

So proud that she pulled herself up! (And sadly two seconds later falls to her right and hits her head on that side of the crib)

Also, right now she has a nasty cold. So it's been sleepless nights, wiping noses, lots of fluids, many tears all around. And I think there's a tooth about to break through. Worlds of fun at the Opie house lately.



I think I did it! And this video is really only cute if you listen muted without my commentary. But now that I've figured it out I'll be posting some more videos. But it took FOREVER to upload to youtube. And when I tried to upload directly to blogger it not only took forever, it kept having errors. Maybe it was too big. Well here she is eating, not her most exciting trick, but fun for family and friends to see her in action :)


100th Post Ya-hoo!

I think this picture is absolutely hilarious. Aaron was saying she looks like a Chip n Dale dancer or something. It's really just the remains of a really cute outfit, but the shoe/socks and the head band now looking like a bow tie really make it look like we have inappropriate halloween costume.

Olivia is almost 7 months old now. Wow! Some things she's been up to:
  • Pulling herself up on absolutely everything
  • Trying to "cruise" or walk along the couch or her crib, holding on and taking little steps. (this is often resulting in a fall, which sometimes doesn't even phase her anymore.)
  • Crawling everywhere
  • Emptying anything she can reach
  • Eating anything/everything she finds
  • Waves "hi", but not bye. She also sounds like she's trying to say "HI" when she first sees you. She'll make this throaty H--h-h-h-iiii sound. It's really cute, hard to explain, wish I could figure out how to put videos up on here.
  • Her best friend is still the scarecrow hanging on our door. She now anticipates seeing him when I open the front door and gets and smiley and excited.
  • She will still only laugh at other kids. We occassionally get a chuckle, but I think it's more of her pity laugh.
  • She is never content to be held and cuddled, she always wants to be on the go. Except in the middle of the night, and first thing in the morning. So I'm not really trying to get her to sleep through the night. She wakes up once for a cuddle, and I'm okay with that.
  • Although she doesn't want to be held, she does want your undivided attention. And if she doesn't want it, she needs it because she's probably getting into trouble.

And that's about all the highlights. She's almost 19 lbs, and I'm not sure how long, probably around 27 or 28 inches long. Oh yeah, she also says dada a lot. Never mama. She even tries to repeat most sounds you make at her, like "Alll done" she'll mimic back something that sounds close. But when you say mama, she says dada. :)


First Egg

Not sure I even want to take a picture of it.

Olivia is pulling herself up in her crib (at 6 months!). She is really proud of herself when she does this, and its so cute. She smiles so big.

Well she pulled herself up, but then let herself go and fell SO hard into the side of her crib. The sound was seriously awful. She has big old bump and bruise.

Sadly, I know this will be the first of many.

Any suggestions on keeping her safe in this klumsy stage?