The Church

Did you know Mormons are the same thing as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Yup. I didn't know either until I found out a bit more.

It's hard for me to talk about with some people because I never want anyone to think I'm pushing my religion on them. I would feel uncomfortable if someone did that to me. I wouldn't do that to anyone. But I do love to share what I know. Because it makes me happy. And I think it could make you happy too.

In my own words, what I believe.  I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe He lived, and lives today. I believe when He was on Earth He was not Heavenly Father in the flesh, but literally his only Begotten Son. I believe He was perfect. He was divine. He did many miracles. He was crucified. He begged His Father to remove this cup from Him. He suffered the sins of the world. He felt every tear I've ever shed, or will shed in my entire life. I believe I belong to His church. That His church was restored through a prophet, Joseph Smith. I do not worship Joseph Smith. But I honor and respect him. And I believe he was a true prophet. I believe his sincere prayer about which church to join was answered by God and Jesus Christ through a very sacred visitation. I believe the Book of Mormon is an ancient record of the people of America. I believe Joseph Smith was endowed with a special ability to translate this book. I believe this book to be another testament of Jesus Christ. I believe in the Bible. I believe the words within its pages have a special power to bring to peace to my life. To make want to be a better person. I also believe God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Since I believe that, I believe we still have prophets on the earth. I believe in modern revelation. Through modern revelation, I believe in the Word of Wisdom. This is the revelation that a lot of people know about Mormons. It is what says we don't drink tea, coffee, alcohol or recreational drugs. I know my life has been blessed for heeding this revelation. I believe the Holy Spirit touches our hearts and tells us the truth of all things.

Everything I believe, is because I have prayed for myself and come to know these things are true. I don't know how to explain it. But when I first read The Book of Mormon something whispered to me that this book was true. That I should listen to the missionaries. I could not deny that Voice. It was the Holy Ghost, and once I felt it, and knew it, I could not deny it. It has not always been easy. I feel guilt for hurting my family. I really live to please them. But this decision has caused a lot of grief. But I could never live with myself if I didn't act on what I know to be true.

Mormons really are a peculiar people. But we're harmless, I swear. And my husband only has one wife.