So In Loooove

Alright I swore today to be a laptop free day. So I just have to get this out of the way so I'm not tempted all day. I also have to promise myself that my reader will still be there tomorrow, full of all the wonderful unread updates...

But okay so here, I think this link will take you to see the pictures. photobucket.com/opie_disneyland. (I have been fiddling with editing so ignore the random pictures of mouths and randomness...)

And here is my one favorite picture, just in case you particularly feel like going through 70 or so pictures.

So classic. So in 100 words or less here's how Disneyland went: Got in the park Saturday 7am. Breakfast at Goofy's kitchen, where Olivia warmed up to the characters. First ride we went on was Peter Pan. Olivia whined, and clinged to me for most of it. Dumbo, Teacups, and the carousel were her favorites. The inside rides with all the cool animatronics were sort of scary to her. But her all time favorite was def. the Tiki Room. She was shrieking and gasping like crazy. She was also dancing! It was so cute, and I wish you could take pictures in there because she had the best faces. We did it twice. She loved it each time. We also to go on the new Toy Story ride which is so much fun. And we got the yummiest corndogs ever from Cali. Adventure. And the best pizza from Napolini. (The food is one my favorite things about Disneyland.) Olivia actually took her two naps, and slept well at night. She was an absolute doll the whole time. Even the 6 hour car ride home she was a peach, even though she only slept for about 40 minutes of it!

And now, normally I hate to blog about wonderful my husband is for fear of sounding like TAMN. And when I just write about what he's done I really don't need to say anymore. But I know he reads, and he loves the shoutouts :) So I just want to say how incredibly grateful I am to be married to someone who loves me so completely, and lives to make me smile. Just small details that will give you an idea how incredible he is. Besides planning the whole Disneyland trip (did I mention we stayed in THE DISNEYLAND HOTEL! because he knows I get a little skeeved out at Motel 6's) without me having a clue, the night before we left he also stayed up until 10:30 cleaning the kitchen, even mopping the floor, because he knows when we go on a trip I LOVE coming home to a clean house. And here are just a few daily things that sometimes, too often go without recognition:

He hangs up his ties after work, he bathes Olivia so I can have 10 minutes to myself, he always kisses me goodnight, he says thank you for cooking him a delicious dinner (every time, even when it's not so delicious), always tells me I'm beautiful (all the time, even when I know I've looked better...) makes sure the house is locked up every night, comes home for lunch as often as he can because he loves spending time with his girls, sometimes he even makes the bed, he washes his dishes, just yesterday he downloaded me my favorite Christmas song because I hadn't heard it yet this year... just those little thoughtful things. And I could go on, but I'll spare you, and maybe I'll just write him an email with the rest :)


Christmas came early... AGAIN!

So I woke up Friday morning ready for a weekend of babysitting my neices, MAT school, and lots of other busy stuff. We were having our usual morning and Aaron said, "Look, you have a present under the tree." And I didn't think much of it... oh that's nice I said. He was like, "Don't you want to open it?" And I was like, "No, I want to wait until Christmas." (Which I absolutely never say this...) Eventually I said I wanted to open it, I pretty much thought I knew what it was since I've been wanting a digital camera forever. So I opened it, and it was a digital camera... and I was like, "Oh that's nice, yay thank you." And then there was a note inside that Aaron told me to read outloud. It said this camera was to take pictures of Olivia at Disneyland! I was confused, asked when are we going to Disneyland? And he said, "Right now! Get ready, we're leaving as soon as we're packed." AND WE DID!
We literally just got home so I just uploaded a couple of the 121 pictures I took. I'll make a slide show and share more details later since Olivia is demanding my attention right now.



Our house all pretty for Christmas :) Olivia helping bake cookies...

... still helping

Thank you happy helper!

...Did I mention I took on a small side job of baking cookies for Opie Chiropractic?
Only 6 dozen a day.
Which = about 2lbs a day.
So by the time is done I will probably have gained back any weight I lost.
...Did I mention I was losing weight? Down 17 lbs! (before the cookies...)


Still no pictures

Sorry I still haven't gotten any pictures onto my computer... but here's what we've been up to.

Put up Christmas lights... looks oh-so-lovely and wonderful. So excited and fun to have a house to decorate!

Purchased a Christmas tree.

And got Olivia's picture with Santa. She was petrified. I was really shocked because she's so social and happy with everyone... but she screamed her little head off when I tried to let Santa hold her. And it was quite hilarious because then Santa gave us a whole psychoanalysis, and refused to hold a crying baby because he didn't want to damage her psychi. He told us we wouldn't believe how many adults tell him how they were scarred as children with their parents laughing at them while they cried and Santa held them. He doesn't want to scar any children. Which I appriciate, but it was funny nonetheless. He went on about how precocious Olivia is, and what a Christmas angel she was. He even sang her Twinkle, Twinkle. Which she calmed down, but still wouldn't go to him. He commented that she's clearly bonded to me very well. It was just so funny. Very nice man, and I am not making fun of Santa... I just couldn't stop laughing on the way home, reliving the situation.

And I'm trying to get Olivia to take naps on her own. This has been a challenge. At night I rock her and nurse her then lay her down and she falls asleep no crying. At nap time, she just won't fall asleep unless I hold her until she's asleep. Sometimes this is 5 minutes, sometimes 50. I just don't know what to do. Yesterday I let her cry, and she cried for a solid hour. Now she's been crying for 20 minutes. I really don't know what to do. I don't mind holding her for 5 or even 20 minutes, but when it takes FOREVER I get frustrated. So we're working on it.


Our Not-So-Traditional Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving in Rocky Point, Mexico. It was beautiful, relaxing and so fun.

I was a bit worried because I adore Thanksgiving with my fam in NJ where it's freezing (I think I remember more white Thanksgivings than Christmas's) and we are bundled up and enjoy an insane amount of food and have fun with lots of family. So while on a beach in Mexico sounded nice for any other time of year... I wasn't so sure.

But all my worries were in vain, because it was sooooo wonderful.The weather was perfect. We swam in the ocean, built sandcastles, laid out, napped, and still enjoyed a most delicious Thanksgiving feast. Which we got to enjoy outside on the patio overlooking the ocean. It was absolutely gorgeous.

I left Weds with Olivia and Aaron's mom and siblings. Aaron and his dad were going to leave Weds. night after the office closed. We got there safe and sound Weds night. Aaron should have arrived around 11, or maybe 12. By 3am and he wasn' there I was almost sick. I kept praying, and reciting this quote over and over in my head. "Worrying is like paying interest on a debt you may never owe." But after a couple hours sleep, waking up at 5am and still no Aaron I started imagining life as a single mom. But around 7am he showed up. Apparently a wrong turn, 3 hours in the wrong direction, 2 hours back, but the border was closed because it was after midnight.... so they had wait until 5am when the border opened again. FRUSTRATING. But needless to say I was grateful on Thanksgiving to have my hubby alive and well.

Olivia was of course a peach. She slept great the whole trip. She loved the sand (to play and eat) and even "swam" in the ocean with us.

We didn't have a camera so I'll have to get the pictures up later. But it was so fun.



This week Olivia has started doing the funniest thing yet. When she sees something... like I don't know, for example just now she opened a photo album and saw the pictures, she does this huuuge surprised gasp.

The first time she did it I thought she was choking. When Aaron heard it he thought so too. I mean what 8 month old gasps with excitement and surprise?? It's so hilarious.

Another funny time was at the library the other day. The story teller pulled this black cat out of a bag, and Olivia was all UUUUHHHHAAAAAA (or whatever vowels you would use to spell the sound you make when you breathe in loudly and excitedly). Everyone was cracking up. I mean she seriously sounds like me in Micheal's or something.

But she does it all the time. As we're walking and passing new things it's, "gasp... gasp.... gasp.."

Quite hilarious. I'll try to get a video of it somehow.


Christmas came early!

Okay so this has been just the greatest day.

First of all, Olivia and I went to our last baby lap-sit at the library. (Quite possibly the last one ever since they are cutting many programs in Mesa because of budget stuff.) I love our library time. The lady who does this is seriously amazing, and we have so much fun with other mommies.

Then she took a great nap in the afternoon. Aaron watched her while I went to piano lessons. Blissful.

Then Aaron got his hair cut, and he looks absolutely wonderful.

And then to just put icing on this wonderful day... We got the best package from my mom. It was full of the cutest clothes for Olivia. Two pairs of shoes. Three pairs of stockings. A dress. Jeans. PJ's. Candles that spell her name. Cute skirt, a couple onsies. Pants. Aaaand my mom's Old Navy card... because I'm that spoiled.

So the real kicker. I went to Old Navy tonight. While Aaron watched O again. (Isn't he the best??) And I finally found the perfect pair of jeans. They actually fit!! And they're a size smaller than what I have been wearing. So I also got a couple shirts and accessories :)

And then they asked for ID! Which I didn't have bc it's my mom's card... but the guy said the signatures were identical so it was okay LOL!

Ahhh now it's time to say goodnight to the most wonderful of days.


Weekend in review

We went to the ASU game on Satuday night. Apparently it was a real nail biter for O!

But mostly we kept her entertained with some her fav, Cheerio's. She likes to pig out.

And this is one of my fav pictures of the game. You can see her little teeth! And her hands are blurry because she is never still. She was waving like crazy. It was funny, when everyone cheered because of a touchdown or whatever, we would stand up and I would say, "Yay Olivia!" and she totally thought all those thousands of people were cheering for her. She looked around waving at everyone, like a little Miss America.

On Friday we also went to the park. O loves to swing. We tried the slide, but she's def not ready for that. It was pretty funny, Aaron was just next to the slide, and it wasn't even at the very top, just towards the middle, and he tried putting her down and letting her slide to me, but after doing it once she wouldn't let go of his shirt when he tried putting her down the slide again. So then we put her up in a tree, and took some cute pictures.

You can't see his hand, but Aaron is holding her.


8 months!

So Olivia has been 8 months old for a couple days now. But here are some recent pictures and activities:

Aaron brought her home this toy that she can push and walk. She's pretty good on it, on the carpet, the tile she falls right down. But she can get around! We walk every day and lately Olivia has been trying to escape from her stroller. She screams like crazy when she's strapped in and has even huidini'ed herself out of the little harness.

Some stats:
She has two teeth.
Weighs 18.7 lbs.
Not sure on the length.
Sleeping pretty well still through the night.
Takes two wonderful glorious naps everyday, at least an hour each, usually more, occassionally less.
And like 30 something days until we are in NJ!
We have joined some playgroups where we meet once a week some other moms and babies. It's so nice to have something to do every week! Today is baby story time at the library, which I just love. And that's about all we've been up to lately.


What the?!

It's November 8th. Just a week after Halloween. And it's 82 degrees out. And there's Christmas music on THE RADIO!

So many things in this picture just don't add up.

But the truth is... I like it.

And now for your viewing pleasure:

Cutest little dress ever. And yup those are apples in her hands. She likes to scrape them with her teeth. Don't worry Olivia-lovers we keep a close eye on her while she takes on this endeavor.


Attack of the Birds!

So today has not been a great day. I've been pretty lazy most of the day. Olivia and I went to play at the park. I was pushing her in the swing and this little bird flew right under the swing. I was on the phone with my mom and I told her how weird it was that this bird wouldn't go away. It was right by us. Olivia was fascinated with it, so I took her out of the swing and we crouched to be eye level with it, just watching it poke it's little beak around in the sand. And then it was looking right at me, so I was going to take it's picture to send to my mom (we had hung up at this point) so she could see how close it was. And then all of a sudden IT FLEW RIGHT AT MY FACE!! I screamed and ran, clinging to Olivia for dear life. We ran to other side of the park where I thought we were safe. I called my mom, still frantic and told her about the attacking bird. Then all of a sudden I felt it swooping towards my head! So we ran screaming to the car, and the bird chased us the whole way. By the time we got to the car I thought we had lost it. I was buckling Olivia into her car seat, and looked over my shoulder and there it was flying right AT ME. I hopped in the car, and it LANDED ON THE HOOD!

Seriously. My mother has instilled an unhealthy fear of birds in me since birth. I am afraid I will now do the same to Olivia (if she's not already scarred for life from this incident).


My Poppy

My grandfather, affectionately known as "Poppy" is the most conservative man I know. Probably not the most open-minded (but I think at 80 years-old he's earned that right) person in the world, but definitely one of the most honorable. He fought in WWII in the Navy, and as a Marine in the Korean War. The Korean was fought over communism, and trying to stop it. He put his life on the line so others could have the same freedoms we enjoy in America. He lost friends. He saw horrific things that I cannot imagine. To fight for freedom. To stop socialism.

I called him today. He simply sounded depressed. He told me he has never been more disappointed in his country. I was surprised at how sad his voice really sounded. It wasn't a joking, light hearted, oh boy we're in trouble... it was disgust and disappointment. After we hung up I started to think about it. About how this is personal to him. How to him it probably doesn't seem that long ago he was fighting in that war to stop communism. And now his country has elected a leader who is wanting to "spread the wealth".

Maybe this should be a post for my "Choosetheright.wordpress.com" blog. I usually keep politics out of this. But really I just feel for the 80-year-old man.


Election Day! (But this post has nothing to do with politics!)


Last night Olivia fell asleep around 7:30. And then did not wake up until 7:30 AM! Yes, that's 12 hours solid. To make it even better, I had taken some Tylenol PM for a headache soon after she fell asleep so I slept like a rock for probably 8, or 9 hours.

I am not kidding at all when I say that it's quite possibly been a year or more since I last slept that long without waking up. It felt BEAUTIFUL.

In sadder news, my poor baby is still sick. She is coughing and nose is runny and she had a slight fever again today. I am really getting sick of this, and am praying for another good night's rest and hopefully a healthier baby in the morning.

Oh and one fun thing she is starting to do is to be able to stand all on her own. She walks every where holding onto the couch, table, whatever. Today she let go and just stood there for like 5 seconds. Until she saw something she wanted and reached for it and fell right on her belly.

So that's really all that's new around here. Oh I did plant a garden with the help of my most amazing wonderful husband who sacrificed a tendon in his foot for the project. We have broccoli, jalapenos, lettuce and strawberries growing (and quite a few weeds).

There are still lots of projects to get done around the house. This week I want to finish Olivia's room. This will include patching some drywall, painting, moving furniture, hanging some cute wall decorations, and putting a curtain up over the closet since the doors are broken.


Happy Halloween!

So my last picture scared quite a few of you... and having the radio that close to the sink where Olivia was bathing probably not such a good idea. Consider the radio moved. No worries she never leaves my sight. Anyway Halloween has been fun. Well sort of. Olivia has ANOTHER cold. She's been coughing like crazy as well. No fun. But here are some cute pictures. We did venture out and go trick or treating with Olivia's cousins. They are all extremely tired in this picture.

Olivia got a second wind after a few minutes of seeing all the kids. It was an uphill battle getting to her sleep once we got home! But now she's finally asleep and I should be too. So goodnight. Hope you had a happy halloween!


This picture cracks me up! I was giving Olivia a bath in the sink and I guess she didn't like my music because she crawled right out and went for the radio! LOL
Anyway, life's been pretty good. I sub one day a week now. Today I subbed for music and it was so fun. Olivia is still getting everywhere and into everything. We also started going to baby lapsit at the Mesa library on Thursdays. It's for babies birth - 18 months. The lady does a great job and Olivia has so much fun. Anyway just thought it was time for a little update :)


Happy Birthday...

TO ME! Today was a great birthday. Aaron is always amazing. We started by going out to lunch with his fam and cousin Sean. Then went pumpkin picking, I'll attatch the pictures of that because Olivia was absolutely adorable. And then we dropped her off with Aunt Allison and Uncle Douger and cousins while we went and painted pottery and had a yummy dinner at Slices. Okay I have to go feed the crying baby so I'll upload these pics and be done.

This is my favorite face.



Can't really see it, but there's a tooth there on the left! Love.
Playing outside! (Look closely on her right side to see black eye.)
And I'm still trying to figure out that video. Hopefully for my birthday I'll get a webcam and maybe it'll be easier. My video files are too big so I have to keep editing them and I'm no good at that.
So teething is definitely underway. Olivia is handling it pretty well. She just has the most awful stuffy nose that's constantly running. I'm not sure if it's just the cold on it's way out or from teething. Either way, it's not fun.


Did I mention...

She also cut her first tooth today! I'll try to get some pictures up later.

Please don't call CPS...

In the last 7 days my poor baby girl has been poisoned, electrocuted, suffered multiple head injuries (one resulting in a black eye) and has had the worst little cold that has now turned into a hacking cough.

Well let me explain. She's 7 months old now and getting into everything. Trying to pull herself up on everything, and then tries to walk. A few days ago I was painting our bathroom. I look over at Olivia in her playpen where I thought she was safe, but somehow something in there had wet paint on it, and of course she was eating it. A quick phone call to the poison control center assured me all she needed was a drink of water and she'd be fine.

The electrocution was more of just a shock, but she was eating the end of an extension cord, that was apparently plugged in. I feel most guilty about this one, because she was sitting in my lap and I didn't even think, "Oh extension cord in my baby's mouth, this can really only end badly."

And the head injuries are multiple, as she keeps pulling herself up onto EVERYTHING, stable or not. There was a coffee table and Grandma and Grandpa's cabin that Olivia liked to pull herself up on. It had the pointiest corners ever. Of course Olivia found that out with her right eye. It was horrible, and I think I cried as much as she did.

So the house is going to stay messy for a while, because I'll be busy protecting my baby from any more serious calamities.

ps- sorry that last video isn't working. I'm not sure what I did wrong, I'll try to figure it out while she's asleep.


Yay videos!

So here is Olivia crawling, sort of. This about a month old already! She has gotten quicker, and better form :) She now gets up on all fours and gets around pretty fast. And here's a picture right before the bonk that led to her bruise.

So proud that she pulled herself up! (And sadly two seconds later falls to her right and hits her head on that side of the crib)

Also, right now she has a nasty cold. So it's been sleepless nights, wiping noses, lots of fluids, many tears all around. And I think there's a tooth about to break through. Worlds of fun at the Opie house lately.



I think I did it! And this video is really only cute if you listen muted without my commentary. But now that I've figured it out I'll be posting some more videos. But it took FOREVER to upload to youtube. And when I tried to upload directly to blogger it not only took forever, it kept having errors. Maybe it was too big. Well here she is eating, not her most exciting trick, but fun for family and friends to see her in action :)


100th Post Ya-hoo!

I think this picture is absolutely hilarious. Aaron was saying she looks like a Chip n Dale dancer or something. It's really just the remains of a really cute outfit, but the shoe/socks and the head band now looking like a bow tie really make it look like we have inappropriate halloween costume.

Olivia is almost 7 months old now. Wow! Some things she's been up to:
  • Pulling herself up on absolutely everything
  • Trying to "cruise" or walk along the couch or her crib, holding on and taking little steps. (this is often resulting in a fall, which sometimes doesn't even phase her anymore.)
  • Crawling everywhere
  • Emptying anything she can reach
  • Eating anything/everything she finds
  • Waves "hi", but not bye. She also sounds like she's trying to say "HI" when she first sees you. She'll make this throaty H--h-h-h-iiii sound. It's really cute, hard to explain, wish I could figure out how to put videos up on here.
  • Her best friend is still the scarecrow hanging on our door. She now anticipates seeing him when I open the front door and gets and smiley and excited.
  • She will still only laugh at other kids. We occassionally get a chuckle, but I think it's more of her pity laugh.
  • She is never content to be held and cuddled, she always wants to be on the go. Except in the middle of the night, and first thing in the morning. So I'm not really trying to get her to sleep through the night. She wakes up once for a cuddle, and I'm okay with that.
  • Although she doesn't want to be held, she does want your undivided attention. And if she doesn't want it, she needs it because she's probably getting into trouble.

And that's about all the highlights. She's almost 19 lbs, and I'm not sure how long, probably around 27 or 28 inches long. Oh yeah, she also says dada a lot. Never mama. She even tries to repeat most sounds you make at her, like "Alll done" she'll mimic back something that sounds close. But when you say mama, she says dada. :)


First Egg

Not sure I even want to take a picture of it.

Olivia is pulling herself up in her crib (at 6 months!). She is really proud of herself when she does this, and its so cute. She smiles so big.

Well she pulled herself up, but then let herself go and fell SO hard into the side of her crib. The sound was seriously awful. She has big old bump and bruise.

Sadly, I know this will be the first of many.

Any suggestions on keeping her safe in this klumsy stage?



Heart attack of my life.

So I was letting Olivia play on the floor in her room. Her new favorite game is emptying baskets, and basically making messes. So she was enjoying that in her room, while I was doing dishes in the kitchen. I went and checked on her every 5 or 10 minutes or so. Each time I found her still happily taking everything out of her little toy basket. Until the last time I went to check. I peaked in the room and she wasn't there! Now, she has been crawling around to get to things that she can see, but I've never seen her actually leave a room and start exploring. Anyway, I searched her room, under the crib, etc. She was def no where in her room. So the next closest room is ours. I looked in there quick, figuring she'd just be in the doorway or something, I mean how far could she get in 5 minutes? So then I go down the hall to the next bedroom and I don't see her in there either. At this point I'm actually crying, and my heart is beating a million miles an hour. I go back into my room to search more thoroughly. Sure enough, there is she under the bed playing with who knows what. I guess that's the end of low supervision play for her.

Sheesh. I'm not ready for this.

(Just a cute picture of dinner time. Sometimes I let Olivia feed herself, which I'm pretty impressed how much does actually end up in her mouth... although it's minor compared to what ends up everywhere else!)


Mini Golf

We went and played mini-golf with Aaron's mom and brothers today. It was fun, I didn't do the worst, tied for second to the worst. Aaron of course won, followed closely by his momma. Anyway here are some cute pictures:


Now Usually I don't do this...

I use this blog to keep my family updated on Olivia, and what's going on in our life. I stay away from things like politics and issues... but some things have been driving me so crazy that I have read on other blogs and things I've heard in mainstream media that I decided to start my own political blog. I have no idea how often I'll update it, but there's one thing I just need to blog about now. So if you want to read that side of me... feel free to check out my new blog choosetheright.wordpress.com.


okay okay some pictures

(I didn't realize how cluttered my counters are until I looked at this picture! lol... )

Here are just a few pictures of the house. I really didn't want to take any pictures until it was all the way I wanted it, but I thought it'd be fun to have some before pictures I guess. The pool is also now swimable, so it's time for a get-together! Also, not pictured are two bathrooms, and three bedrooms.



Okay a quick update:

Lake of the Ozarks was amazing. So grateful for my mom coming to watch O. She did amazing, of course. Took the bottle no problem, and even slept from 8-5 most all nights! She still doesn't do that for me. But we're working on that. We had a lot of fun on jet skies, boats, and SLEEPING! :-) Great food, as well.

In other news... we're getting settled in our house. There is just so much to do. We had the pool taken care of today. Monday we'll get the light fixtures in. (All thanks to the Dent family actually, lol). Painting is underway... sort of. There are still quite a few boxes to unpack and some furniture to move. We need to do lots of landscaping work. It's just overwhelming. I keep telling myself, one thing at a time. One thing at a time. And we'll get there, eventually.

So that's where we're at. I don't expect I'll be blogging much until we're at least half way done with making this place home.


Once again from the airport...

So Aaron and I are back at our home away from home, the Phoenix Skyharbor Airport. This time we're heading to Lake of the Ozarks Four Seasons Resort, ALL BY OURSELVES! I am totally shrieking out (to quote my new fav blog seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com). My mom flew out last night and will stay with Olivia all weekend. Olivia took a bottle okay for me the other day, and Aaron got her to sleep on Tuesday night, so I'm sure she'll be fine. I guess I just feel guilty for leaving her. There's another couple who also won the trip and are in the airport also, WITH THEIR BABY! I guess I just feel like not as good of a mom as her now. Silly, huh? I just keep telling myself it's okay, and I'm being a good mom by spending this time with my husband and recharging my batteries. But gosh I miss that little face so much already.

Oh and the house is great. A little stressful, but great. Pictures will be posted soon.



This is actually a few weeks old now, but I think it's pretty hilarious. I heard Olivia waking up from her nap and this is what I found. Funny thing is it stayed there long enough for me to grab the camera and take the picture!


Plug for Bro-in-Law

So my brother-in-law is going to be in Rob Gardner's, Blackbeard this Sept. Here is something he has emailed our family:

It's a rare opportunity to be one of the first to see a show before itever appears on the Broadway stage. But, in just two weeks,"Blackbeard," a new musical aimed for Broadway, will premiere at theprestigious Herberger Theater Center right here in Phoenix. Ticketsare on sale now for the pre-Broadway event, playing September 5-27.
This exciting new show about America's most notorious pirate is fromRob Gardner, award-winning composer of "The Price of Freedom" and"12Princesses." The action surrounds Blackbeard's famously brazenblockade of Charleston Harbor, as he uses his fearsome fa├žade tocapture and plunder his way into legend.
Don't miss this unique opportunity to be among the first to experiencethis brand new show! Call the Herberger Theater Center box office at(602) 252-8497 or check out the official website now athttp://www.blackbeardthemusical.com/ for detailed information, photos, musicclips, tickets and more.
See you at the theater!

Plus part of the procedes from ticket sales will benefit these adorable babies! (And other members of the cast! Spread the word!)



I just love Sundays. So wonderful to relax and enjoy time with family and eat yummy food that I don't have to cook :) Today we got to go to a baby blessing. Aaron's cousin Dusty who lives in Texas blessed his little boy, Dallas today. Yes, Dallas, from Texas. I think that's so cute. We had some good laughs about their next child's name, Dusty said they were thinking maybe "Apache Junction", or if it's a girl "Queen Creek". LOL Anyway... it was nice. I also took some cute pictures of Olivia this morning.

She actually figured out how to sit up, pretty much over night! Yesterday she could barely sit up for more than 10 seconds and then today she was just sitting for as long as we'd let her. It was fun.
She looks incredibly long in this picture... I think it's just the angle.

This one is my favorite. I just love the hat and the smile... so stinkin cute.And this expression just cracks me up.

Also, I think this was most likely our last Sunday in our ward. I am going to miss everyone there so much! Since our new ward is at 9:00, sometimes I day dream about going to both and just pretending that we never moved. But I'm sure our new ward will be great. And it will be fun because Aaron's brother is moving into our condo, so the Opie's are moving, but the Opie's are moving in. Try not to get too confused!