My Story

My name is Lauren.  And I've always liked to write.  I started this blog when I first found out I was pregnant with my first little baby.  Olivia.  She was born 6 days past her due date in March 2008.  But let's go back a bit further than that. I graduated high school in 2003. I left that fall for Ramapo. I had issues with a boy that I just couldn't seem to shake. I made friends with a girl moving to Arizona. She said I should come with her. When she said it, a Voice whispered to me, yes you should. So I did. I got to Arizona in January 2005. I met Aaron at institute. A religion class at ASU. We went on our first date on March 30th. We got engaged 4 weeks later on April 27th. Married on August 5, 2005. I'll be honest. I didn't love him nearly as much then as I do now. I mean how could I? I barely knew him. But that same Voice that told me to move to Arizona, told me I was going to marry him. Things aren't always paradise, we've hurt each others feelings, but we've always communicated well. We always work at it. And we always pray together. And read scriptures. This foundation has been fundamental in our happiness. Then it took us 13 months to get pregnant with our first baby.  13 excruciating months. I went a teenie bit insane during that time. But looking back, I see now how much it made me appreciate my pregnancy. I never took a moment for granted. I loved being pregnant. And then about 9 short months after Olivia's birth we were shocked to find out we were pregnant with baby number 2! Abigail was born 6 days past her due date in Nov. 2009.  Sometime in there Aaron and I both graduated ASU.  I with a degree in Special Education, Aaron in Interdisciplinary Studies.  After a couple years managing his dad's chiropractic office, a Voice whispered to him that he should go to school to be a pharmacist. Then the Voice whispered it should be in PA. And that brings us about up to date.