I tag Olivia...

So I did a Facebook tag of 25 random things about me... but when I was thinking of them I kept thinking of things about Olivia. So I decided I'd tag her here. hehehe...

1 - I LOVE food. There is nothing I won't put in my mouth. If I like, which I like I almost everything, I will eat and eat and eat. This includes pretty much everything except those teething biscuits my mom made for me... yuck! I'd rather eat the dirt in the backyard. YUM!

2 - If I hear music, or anything that resembles a beat I have to dance. I just can't help it.

3 - I took my first steps on my great-grandfather's birthday. I walked from my mom to my dogs. I was 10 months old.

4 - I LOVE dogs. I call them woo-woo's. And I love them.

5 - My parents love me so much they got me two woo-woos.

6 - I am finally sleeping through the night! Almost 12 straight hours. I think my mommy loves me more now.

7 - I don't watch any TV, except I love to watch 15 minutes of Seasme St. every morning while I eat my breakfast.

8 - Speaking of breakfast, every morning I eat a bowl of oatmeal, almost half a cup of some kind of fruit, sometimes a slice of toast with jelly, and that's all AFTER I nurse! I'm a growing baby :)

9 - I am 29 and a half inches tall. I weigh about 20lbs.

10 - Once I opened a child proof bottle of Ibuprofen. Good thing my mom was right there, but it still scared her.

11 - I hate getting dressed in the morning, and even more into my PJ's.

12 - I still only have 2 teeth.

13 - I have always been fascinated by other kids, and they make me laugh and smile more than anything, even my mom.

14 - I say, "dada", "woowoo" and several other word sounding like noises, but I've never uttered "Mama". I'm just waiting for the opportune moment.

15 - I have pretty much had a runny nose since October. But today my mom hasn't had to wipe my nose not even once!

16 - I look SO cute with pigtails... but you probably knew that. .if you've ever seen me.

17 - I get really frustrated when I want to walk and walk, but I keep falling down.

18 - One of my favorite foods is green beans straight out of the can. I can eat half a can in one sitting. My mom learned from my diapers not to let me do this any more.

19 - I have been on 4 plane trips, if you don't count the times I was in my mommy's tummy.

20 - I like to climb. I am just figuring out this wonderful new skill. I can climb onto this stool, and I just realized I can push this stool to the chairs and then climb up on the chairs!

21 - I like to take care of my baby. I hold her, and rock her and push her around in her stroller. My favorite baby has a hole in her head from Bohdi.

22 - I try to put socks and shoes on all by myself. I mostly just stand on them, and can't figure out why they don't go on my feet.

23 - I have always loved to have my hair brushed.

24 - I share my birthday month with my grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt and several cousins. But somehow I still have my own day :)

25 - I am the happiest, most wonderful baby... and I still take two naps a day for my mommy.


We survived week 1 with the puppies.

So here's a bit of the story on the puppies. I saw a posting on Craigslist for lab/golden retriever mix for $10! So when Aaron got home I convinced him to just go look at the puppies. Well we of course came home with two. They are seriously the best little puppies though. They are almost house broken already... we still have some accidents, but they are starting to ask to go outside. They do whine at night, but they're happy if they're in garage. Go figure. We tried to make a better place for them to sleep and they cry until we put them in the garage. So that's where they sleep, in their little bed. Olivia absolutely loves them. First thing she says she wakes up every morning and every nap, "Woowoo? Woowowowwooowoowooo..." (Olivia speak for doggies) and this continues until we find the dogs and she tortures them. She loves to hug them and cuddle them, and let them lick her face. They have nipped at her a few times, but she tells them who's boss and pushes them away. Cracks me up. I am not sure we are cut out to handle two dogs, and may see if my mom will take one home with her when she comes out this weekend. My sister could use a good dog, but we'll see if that works out.


We have either lost our minds... or are total suckers

I'll let the pictures do the talking...
Hmm... what could be in the box??

Not one, but TWO adorable puppies!!!Olivia's in LOOOVEBut be honest... you'd do it too for this face.


O and her baby

There are some things I didn't expect O to do for quite some time, so it's extra fun watching her do these things. For example taking her socks and trying to put them on herself (or others), loooves brushing her hair. And mostly playing with baby dolls, rocking them and kissing them, putting them in strollers, and feeding them bottles. So fun.


Call me crazy, but...

We've introduced The Potty. I read some stuff about starting potty training around 9 or 10 months. Not really training, but introducing and letting them sit on and explore and all that. So after we got home from NJ we decided to try it (basically using the Baby Whisperer's suggestions). And I wasn't going to tell anyone because really it is crazy. I mean she can't even walk yet. But every morning I sit her on the potty for about 5 minutes. She's peed three times now! And just tonight I saw her starting to make her poopy face so I grabbed her and put her on the potty and she pooped in the potty! She was so proud of herself... and although I know we're not going to be "trained" for a while it's still SO fun, and I just had to share.

I know bathroom info is just so what you wanted to read about tonight.



Cousin Fun

Today we had a fun playdate with O's cousins. They are so cute together. And here are just some highlights of what we've been up to lately.
  • Olivia has been fighting a cold. She's had it forever, so finally got some antibiotics to see if that will do the trick.
  • She has started clapping. It took her forever to figure this out, but now that she has she loves to do it.
  • We do some baby signs. She's gotten down milk, more, bye bye, and blowing kisses, if you can count that.

  • She's also taken some steps. Not more than one or two, but we're getting there. She still wants her body to move faster than her feet.
  • She's absolutely obsessed with dogs. As soon as we go out the front door she starts looking around going, "Woowoo woowoo..." and usually there's someone walking with a dog that we get to say hi to.
  • She still wakes up once a night, usually. I know I need to just let her cry. But I always feel bad because it's always been at least 6 or more hours since I last fed her... I think once I ween her this will stop. That's what I tell myself anyway.
  • Nap time is always a fight. We usually end up driving around and she falls asleep within 15 minutes. I know she needs the sleep, but if I just leave her in her crib she will cry for 90 minutes straight, and that's not fun for anyone. So we drive. Then at least she does let me put her in her crib and she stays asleep.
  • Her hair is officially long enough for pigtails, but it's hard to get a picture of them. You can kind of see in the picture above.
  • She still hasn't said mama. Although today she made the mmmmm sound. We'll get there.


Pictures 1 - Olivia and Bohdi

Here are just a few pictures of Olivia and her favorite furry friend, Bohdi.

poor puppy.
So we have a birthday coming up in March, and I think I know we're getting her... (If you know anyone looking to get rid of a puppy let us know!)


Christmas and New Years in NEW JERSEY!

Okay... so I've ignored the blog, and I haven't even written in my real journal about Olivia's first Christmas (and 3rd trip to NJ)!

I'll start with the plane ride out. We left Dec. 21st, and guess who we sat next to on the plane... one of the writers for the Hannah Montanna show!! He also writes for the sweet life of zach cody and he got his start writing for FAMILY MATTERS! LOL He was so fun. I thought of asking for his autograph but that's a little weird, right? Anyway Olivia was a peach the whole flight.

Here are a few highlights:
1 - Olivia and Bohdi my brother's dog. They were bff's. Pictures will soon follow.
2 - We quadrupled our luggage, and still have to mail a box because of all our sweet loot. Olivia got so many fun toys and cute clothes. She loves this little stroller that she can hold onto and walk while she pushes it.
3 - SPA DAY! My sister and I got massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and our hair done! best-day-ever!
4 - TONS of yummy food. I'm still afraid to step on the scale since we've been home.
5 - Spending lots of time with family. Seeing them all fall more in love with Olivia.

aaand I'm sure there's more but it's late and I'm tired. I won't even go into the lowlights. lol... but Olivia has been sick for a long time, and has been coughing so we finally went to the dr and she perscribed Albuterol and Amoxocillan so hopefully that finally kicks this thing.

And sorry if we didn't get to see you while we were there. It was crazy times with holidays and all. But I miss you all!

Pictures to follow shortly.