Some mental pictures for you.

The other day I took the 2 kids I babysit to the park.  So 4 kids.  One stroller that seats 2, but I loaded 3 in there.  Then the 4 year old's legs got tired so he went on my shoulders.  I walked like this for a half mile to the park near my house.  Just so you can visualize I am pushing a stroller with a 20lb baby in the back, a 30 lb toddler in the front, and another 30 lb toddler sitting on the snack tray in the middle.  Don't forget the 4 year old on my shoulders.

Here's another one for you...

  Me walking into Chik-Fil-A holding Abigail on my hip, and Olivia's hand.  Olivia throws fit in the doorway, she doesn't want to go there anymore.  I'm trying to get her to at least walk in, and the door closes on her little pinky finger.  Cue loudest screaming you have ever heard.  I quickly open the door and pick her up, so now two crying kids in my arms.  Lots of stares.  I mean, her scream peirced my ear drums.  A worker brought us a bag of ice and an ice cream cone, which Olivia promptly threw at him.  We left with nothing but a swollen finger.  (Which isn't broken by the way, just sore.)

More of these occur on a daily basis, I'll try to capture them more often.


On the move

Abigail started crawling this week.  Not really up on all fours kinda crawling, but pulling herself all around like a wounded soldier.  That combined with rolling, gets her pretty much anywhere she wants to go.  And where would she like to go?  The closest thing made out of paper usually attracts her the most.  And she will eat it if you're not watching, she'll devour entire pages of a book or Avon catalog, whatever's laying around.  If there's nothing of the paper variety laying around she'll find wires of any sort and munch on those.  She also finds herself being 'eaten' by the couch a few times a day.  (Rolling under the couch and all we can see is her little head sticking out!)


Not too much going on...

Life has been pretty normal around here.  Nothing too exciting going on.  But anyone reading this in the Mesa area... can you help spread the word... We are looking for renters for our condo.  Our tenants will be out by May 1st, and we'd love someone in there as soon as possible.

The condo is in Circle Tree Condominiums located off of Country Club right by the 60.

It's 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom.  I think 860 sq ft...  give or take.  It also has a little patio thing.  There are several pools, our unit is very close to 2 of them.  It has laminate wood floors through living room and kitchen.  Remodeled hall bathroom.  And we'll probably replace the carpet once our current tenants are out.  All this could be yours for $700/month!  This includes water, sewage and trash.  Tenant is responsible for electric.  Small pets okay.  No smokers please.  

If you know anyone pleease email me!  Thank you!!


Abigail's crankiness.

I shouldn't complain.  Her entire (5 months) life she has been the sweetest little baby.  She lets me put her down , and do whatever I want/need to get done.  She fusses when she's tired or hungry and that's about it.  Until this last Weds.  She was crying, even when I was holding her.  She was crying even after she just ate.  She was crying even when she just ate AND just woke up.  I guess it could be teething.  I don't know.  But she is miserable.  Thus making the rest of us miserable.  Today seems a bit better, but it is only 8:30.  She gives me a few minutes here and there, but most of the day if she's not nursing or sleeping she's crying.  So by Friday I had pretty much lost my mind.  Aaron has been taking care of us so well all weekend.  Friday night he took the kids so I could go out all by myself.  It was lovely to just talk to other adults and not have kids to worry about.  Then the next day I again went out all by myself, going to get my nails done, but on my way got a call from a friend in need so decided how selfish would I be if I went to get my nails done when someone needed my help.  Service recharges my batteries more than pedicures anyway.  So that was nice.  Then I got home and Aaron and I went on a lovely date.  I love dates with my husband.  I feel recharged and ready for another week.  I just hope that Abigail's crankiness subsides so that by next weekend I won't feel so burnt out.


Okay so I got chastised by my grandmother for putting too much personal information on my blog... Okay which one of you told on me??? LOL She's probably right though. And she specifically told me not to put this on here, so you better not squeal...

But we are officially moving to Erie, PA.

We know that as we put our trust in our Heavenly Father, He will take care of the rest. So that's what we're doing.


....oh and just had to add a funny Olivia story... So there's a little Primary song we like to sing I am A Child Of God and the words go "...He has sent me here, Has given me an earthly home with parents kind and dear." Olivia's version tonight, "...He has sent me here, Has given me an earthly home with parents kind OF dear." Not sure if it was just pronunciation problems, or what, but I seriously laughed out loud. Also she's really into shaking her booty, but when I don't laugh at her for singing "Shake my booty" she will change it up and say "Shake my boobies!" Because I tell her not to say that, but it's so hard for me to do with a straight face. Oh and... backwards is her new thing. She likes to walk backwards. And tonight she laid on her back instead of her tummy like she usually does. She told me she was sleeping backwards. And then when I said sweet dreams she said, "No backwards dreams!" What a hoot. Like laying on your back gives you backwards dreams.


I love this time of year in AZ.

That's pretty much it. General Conference weekend. Easter. Warm, but not too hot weather. Sunny skies. It is just beautiful here right now.

Not too surprising that this time 5 years ago I was falling in love.

This time 2 years ago I was learning to become a mother to a wonderful little 1 month old Olivia.

This time last year I had just barely found out I was pregnant again. Thought I was pretty funny announcing on my blog on April Fool's Day :)

This year? Just enjoying my girls and husband. Contemplating big decisions. I'm excited for what tomorrow will bring. Figuratively and literally. It will be so fun to watch Olivia hunt for Easter eggs and take pictures of my girls in their darling matching dresses. I'm also excited for wherever life takes us these next few years while Aaron goes to school.


5 months old!

I love this picture because I think it helps show big Abigail is!
Love this smile!

So Abigail is 5 months old and just over 20lbs! She's such a happy wonderful baby. I could not have asked for better. She is rolling all over the place now. She doesn't try to crawl at all, just haphazardly roll around until she bumps into something interesting. I haven't been consistent with baby food yet. Waiting more until 6 months to really start. I started at like 4 months with Olivia and we had some issues with constipation and not sleeping as well... so I'm taking my time with this one. But she's starting to seem interested. When we're eating she usually starts fussing until I give her a spoon to play with.

We still haven't made a decision. Aaron wants to be 100% sure he's accepted to LECOM before we decide. Which makes sense. 99 yards isn't a touchdown type thing. Plus we have General Conference this week, which will be a great time to pray and hopefully receive some divine inspiration in all this.