Pretty Uneventful...

Aaron and I just got back from a Reliv Conference in St. Louis. The conference was great. We learned a lot, and got more passionate about this amazing company, and feel all the more blessed to be involved. We also spent some time in Nauvoo, which was awesome as always. It is such a beautiful place, and I just loved every second of it.

So far pregnancy has been pretty uneventful. I'm tired. That's about it. I can't wait to feel my baby moving... that will be an amazing day. We have a doctors appointment on the 22nd. I can't wait. I hope they let us hear the heart beat again.

Student teaching starts Monday. I'm at school for a mandatory meeting. Blah. I just want sleep. Oh by the way I passed my AEPA, go me.

Time for meeting. Then maybe I can sqeeze in a nap today?? That'd be nice.

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