It's about time!

Okay I haven't updated here in forever. And not for lack of exciting material. I just made a goal to blog less and journal more. So since I barely wrote in my journal... by default I had to barely write in my blog.

Well let's see. Olivia turned 1!! We had family and friends over for some pizza and ice cream. My camera is not working, so I need to get the pictures from Aaron's dad's camera.

The day after her birthday Olivia and I hopped on a plane and flew 3,000 miles to NJ. Spent a wonderful week there with family. Then flew home (roughly 5.5 hours) on a Weds. Then on Thursday (the very next day) we got in the car and drove to Disneyland (roughly 5.5 hours). Crazy fun.

Now we came home from Disneyland to find out one of our puppies has parvo. It's deadly. It's a virus that has to run its course and hopefully he survives. We are keeping him hydrated and making him as comfy as possible. He's returning the favor by being all nasty all over the place. I really don't want to get more descriptive.. just know the smell was so bad this morning it pulled my from my sleep.

Stay tuned for more fun news.....


Sarah W. said...

Busy Busy Lady! You've been having fun! I can't believe O is 1!! Crazy!! So sad about your puppy! Is your other dog safe? Hopefully your puppy will be ok!!

Opie Chiropractic Office said...

All we need now is a swarm of locust!!!! HAHAHA jk love, we'll pull through. Have a great day, so stoked the blog is up and running again :)