Totally shocked!

We are having a little BOY!! He did not want to cooperate during the ultrasound. Spent a lot of time hanging out under my belly button which cast shadows making it hard to see what the tech needed to see. But he finally gave us a quick little peak and the tech said she was 100% sure it is a little boy. Olivia had me convinced it was a boy -- but still once you have two in a row of one gender it's hard to imagine having another. We took both girls with us to the appointment. Which was a bit crazy. Probably won't do that again! But it was fun. Olivia's reaction to finding out it was a boy was hilarious. She was acting like we were telling her something she already knew. She was so sure it was a boy. Glad she was right. We are super duper excited, and Olivia wants him to be born "RIGHT NOW!". Of course we'll be happy to wait until Dec.


Geevz said...

YAY!! I think it was my psychic wish energy that made it happen :)

Liz said...

YAY! I was certain it was a boy too. I'm happy Olivia is happy to get a brother!!!

Staci said...

super excited for you guys boys are awesome:)