Know what's weird?

There's another Lauren Opie out there in the world. With a similar email address to me. I have been getting emails for her for years. I usually forward them to her. I've never heard a response from her. It's been weird to read about her job interviews. Pictures from her trip to Vegas with group of friends. Found out she got engaged. Found out she got married. Stuff from realtor about buying a house. And recently found out she's pregnant. Seriously it is so weird! And I was thinking after she got married and was no longer Lauren Opie I would stop getting her emails...but nope!  I even got an invite to a private blog from a friend of hers.

Sometimes people find this blog by searching for Lauren Opie. If you're looking for a newly wed, pregnant with first baby, named Lauren... well that was me 4 years ago. Sorry!  :)

And yes, this is possibly the most random blog post ever. If you're reading, Name-twin feel free to say hi! 


Laura said...

I get emails ALL the time for other people named Laura Greene. Some are in Spanish. Usually they are not important (or I can't translate them lol) but I got one the other day saying that the girl's uncle was in intensive care from a heart attack...sad :(...I always just reply back and say they have the wrong person. But Laura Greene is a lot more common than Lauren Opie I'm sure!

A friend of my MIL's though emailed LauraSavio@gmail.com instead of LauraMSavio and someone else got it...so there is another Laura Savio out there, too!

alliopie said...

lol - not your name twin but I will say hi! lol - that is funny you still get things for and about her!