A Love Story Part 4... The Marriage

So this wraps up my love story series. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

We were engaged on April 27th, 2005. We were then married August 5th of the same year. Talk about fast. I should probably apologize to you if you were my friend or family at that time. I was pretty much oblivious to everything except for the fact that I was going to be MARRIED. I didn't really care much about the details of the wedding. I wanted it to be a fun day, but I really didn't get hung up on things being a certain way. I was really focused more on the marriage than the wedding. If I could go back and do things differently I might have cared a little more. But really it was just lovely. We were able to have a reception in Arizona and in New Jersey thanks to my wonderful generous family. We had a wonderful honeymoon that seemed to last forever.
    I can honestly say I love Aaron more now than I did then. Which isn't hard, since really I barely knew him back then. It still feels right. One night during those brief weeks when we were just dating, and not even engaged yet, Aaron was hugging me. I fit perfectly into his arms, and he commented on it. "You just fit. You fit so perfectly it scares me." I asked him why it scared him. He said, "Because what if you don't want to fit anymore?" Well honey, seven years later, I still want to fit. In fact, every time he holds me like that, I think about that comment. About how much we've changed over the years, but I still fit just right in his arms.
    I don't think there was a moment when we truly "fell in love". More like a moment when we realized we fit. We work. And we wouldn't want to be with anyone else. It's not always rainbows and butterflies around here. But we are always working at it. We help each other. We better each other. We really bring out the best in one another. At least most of the time.
    It can be easy to focus on someone's faults. Especially after marrying them. You can start to be annoyed by every little random thing they do. Aaron and I call this grapefruit syndrome. Reference from here. Learning to look at each other's strengths and ignore their weaknesses, is one way our marriage has blessed me. Happiness in marriage is not about changing, or changing your spouse. It's learning to love and accept each other, as we are.
   I think the most important thing I've learned from my marriage is how to be truly selfless. I worry about Aaron and he worries about me. Aaron also has to remind me that he never says anything to hurt me. Although sometimes Aaron says something completely innocent and I, being a woman, will find a way to take whatever he said in the worst possible way. Lets take last night for example. Baby was screaming his head off. I asked Aaron if he had the pacifier. He said, "All you handed me was a baby in a towel." All Aaron was saying was, no, all he had was the baby and the towel. All I heard was, "No you useless excuse of a woman - you just handed me a poor freezing cold baby in a towel and no way to comfort him. I'm going to just sit here on the couch and do absolutely nothing while you freak out." Yeah, sometimes Aaron has to deal with that. Poor guy. But I'm always trying to be better. And I usually realize when I'm being ridiculous. It doesn't always mean I admit it right away, but most of the time I get there.
   I'm not sure what else to say. Almost seven years, three kids, a move across the country later, and I am so glad to say that I truly love my marriage. We protect our marriage. It is our number one priority. I can't tell you the peace and happiness that brings to me. We've been through a lot together, and always come out stronger and closer. I'm excited to see what eternity brings.


Staci said...

love it what a great story but im totally with ya when its right you just know and its awesome

Geevz said...

I loved reading your story!

alliopie said...

So fun! This is why I love reading your posts - you are a great writer and I truly just enjoy it! You make me laugh and are excellent at describing everything. Loved part 3 as well - some things in that part of the story that I didn't know either. Guess after 7 years we kind of forget how things began for others - and granted most of the time we don't go into this much detail when retelling to a friend - but I LOVE IT! :) So fun! Love you Lauren!

Jamie said...

I absolutely loved reading your love story. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie Read said...

Such a cute story. You guys are great!