My kids help me cook dinner almost every night. Last night we had baked potatoes. Olivia washed the potatoes, wrapped them in foil, pushed the buttons on the stove, and even put the potatoes in the oven. She frequently stirs pots, adds ingredients, and recently has even helped chop vegetables (highly supervised!).

I know a lot of people would gasp at letting a 4 year old touch the stove. Or a knife. But really she's quite capable. She is learning. And yes there have been a few burns, and cuts along the way, but I think she's the wiser for them.

My goal is to have her completely cooking dinner by the time she's 7.

Kidding, kidding. But seriously, I love our time cooking together. I like to think we're creating memories. And a love for cooking. And building confidence.

.....and now this lovely blog is interrupted by Olivia yelling, "MOM! Abigail just poured her own milk and spilled it!"

... perhaps I've created a little too much confidence.


Ashley said...

Besides making great memories, one day it dawned on me that I should be asking Kendra to help me more around the house--not because it's actually helpful, because it takes at least 3 times longer to do most tasks with her actively participating--but just to spend one on one time her and to teach her skills. Like one day we pulled out the big bag of shredded mozzerella cheese I bought at Sam's Club and as we divided up into small bags to put in the freezer, I explained how I buy the big bags to save money and it occurred to me how I was teaching her life skills right there, at 3 years old while it was going over her head. If I make that a habit now, she's going to be very well-prepared for the world.

Anyway, you're a fantastic mother. I love hearing all your stories!

Geevz said...

I think that is AWESOME! I still remember when my aunt was nervous about my 8 year old cousin using a knife. I thought she was joking.

The earlier they can start making dinner, the better!