So In Loooove

Alright I swore today to be a laptop free day. So I just have to get this out of the way so I'm not tempted all day. I also have to promise myself that my reader will still be there tomorrow, full of all the wonderful unread updates...

But okay so here, I think this link will take you to see the pictures. photobucket.com/opie_disneyland. (I have been fiddling with editing so ignore the random pictures of mouths and randomness...)

And here is my one favorite picture, just in case you particularly feel like going through 70 or so pictures.

So classic. So in 100 words or less here's how Disneyland went: Got in the park Saturday 7am. Breakfast at Goofy's kitchen, where Olivia warmed up to the characters. First ride we went on was Peter Pan. Olivia whined, and clinged to me for most of it. Dumbo, Teacups, and the carousel were her favorites. The inside rides with all the cool animatronics were sort of scary to her. But her all time favorite was def. the Tiki Room. She was shrieking and gasping like crazy. She was also dancing! It was so cute, and I wish you could take pictures in there because she had the best faces. We did it twice. She loved it each time. We also to go on the new Toy Story ride which is so much fun. And we got the yummiest corndogs ever from Cali. Adventure. And the best pizza from Napolini. (The food is one my favorite things about Disneyland.) Olivia actually took her two naps, and slept well at night. She was an absolute doll the whole time. Even the 6 hour car ride home she was a peach, even though she only slept for about 40 minutes of it!

And now, normally I hate to blog about wonderful my husband is for fear of sounding like TAMN. And when I just write about what he's done I really don't need to say anymore. But I know he reads, and he loves the shoutouts :) So I just want to say how incredibly grateful I am to be married to someone who loves me so completely, and lives to make me smile. Just small details that will give you an idea how incredible he is. Besides planning the whole Disneyland trip (did I mention we stayed in THE DISNEYLAND HOTEL! because he knows I get a little skeeved out at Motel 6's) without me having a clue, the night before we left he also stayed up until 10:30 cleaning the kitchen, even mopping the floor, because he knows when we go on a trip I LOVE coming home to a clean house. And here are just a few daily things that sometimes, too often go without recognition:

He hangs up his ties after work, he bathes Olivia so I can have 10 minutes to myself, he always kisses me goodnight, he says thank you for cooking him a delicious dinner (every time, even when it's not so delicious), always tells me I'm beautiful (all the time, even when I know I've looked better...) makes sure the house is locked up every night, comes home for lunch as often as he can because he loves spending time with his girls, sometimes he even makes the bed, he washes his dishes, just yesterday he downloaded me my favorite Christmas song because I hadn't heard it yet this year... just those little thoughtful things. And I could go on, but I'll spare you, and maybe I'll just write him an email with the rest :)



Disneyland... what a blast! Everyone I know is going there :)

Okay, so those are the cutest things that you're husband does for you! Isn't life so great being in love?

I want to know... where did you guys meet?

Sarah W. said...

You DO sound like TAMN because you are seriously, so blessed!! It totally cracked me up that you made that little comment! You got me addicted to her blog you know...