Our Not-So-Traditional Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving in Rocky Point, Mexico. It was beautiful, relaxing and so fun.

I was a bit worried because I adore Thanksgiving with my fam in NJ where it's freezing (I think I remember more white Thanksgivings than Christmas's) and we are bundled up and enjoy an insane amount of food and have fun with lots of family. So while on a beach in Mexico sounded nice for any other time of year... I wasn't so sure.

But all my worries were in vain, because it was sooooo wonderful.The weather was perfect. We swam in the ocean, built sandcastles, laid out, napped, and still enjoyed a most delicious Thanksgiving feast. Which we got to enjoy outside on the patio overlooking the ocean. It was absolutely gorgeous.

I left Weds with Olivia and Aaron's mom and siblings. Aaron and his dad were going to leave Weds. night after the office closed. We got there safe and sound Weds night. Aaron should have arrived around 11, or maybe 12. By 3am and he wasn' there I was almost sick. I kept praying, and reciting this quote over and over in my head. "Worrying is like paying interest on a debt you may never owe." But after a couple hours sleep, waking up at 5am and still no Aaron I started imagining life as a single mom. But around 7am he showed up. Apparently a wrong turn, 3 hours in the wrong direction, 2 hours back, but the border was closed because it was after midnight.... so they had wait until 5am when the border opened again. FRUSTRATING. But needless to say I was grateful on Thanksgiving to have my hubby alive and well.

Olivia was of course a peach. She slept great the whole trip. She loved the sand (to play and eat) and even "swam" in the ocean with us.

We didn't have a camera so I'll have to get the pictures up later. But it was so fun.


Mimi said...

Ok so I love that quote... and not trying to be mean but why didn't he call? Was the cell service not working? My husband sometimes calls me and says he is leaving work and then an hour later he is still not home and I call his work and he is not there and I call his cell but he doesn't answer ... come to find out he is sitting in the car talking to his dad or brother who called and doesn't come in because the kids will be too loud and then I just want to hit him because I'm worried sick! Men! I'm glad everything turned out well for you though. (I got your blog from cafemom)

Lauren said...

Yeah I guess I should have said, our cell phones don't work in Mexico and there's no landline there so there was no way of contacting him. If they weren't home by 8am his mom and I were going to drive back to AZ where there's cell service and call... thankfully we never had to do that.