Fun Times.

So lots has been going on. Aaron's sister is coming home from her mission in Hong Kong next week! His mom and dad are there now visiting. So, the office has been different. Aaron's gotten some time off and we've been having a lot of fun. I worked on Thursday while he got to spend all day with Olivia, and he even did laundry and cleaned up the living room! I was so impressed. Then we went to the park with cousins, and the dogs and had a blast.
Then today we went to the Phoenix Children's Museum because it was free admission today, AND Elmo and Grover, aaaand Roxie the Shamrock Farms cow (LOL) were all there. But it was sooo crazy. Parking was insane. Then it was a 40 minute wait just to get in. So we just played outside the museum and then we saw inside through like a glass wall how insanely packed it was inside. So we decided it'd be best to just go home. Well, first we went out for lunch, then did some window shopping, then home. Then after naps and dinner we went out for ice cream! Olivia enjoyed her first ice cream cone, and I thought it was worth blogging.
This is her actually saying "mmmmmm" so cute! I took 21 pictures of this moment, and really no picture came out great. So this is the best we got!Oh and I should probably mention.. SHE STARTED SAYING MAMA! :) There is just something about that first time hearing "mama!" and knowing she's wanting me :) Aaron said kept saying it the whole day I was gone working.

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