Mom, Zoo, and of course Puppies

How stinkin cute are her pigtails!!

We thought she'd love the carousel, but I think she was a little freaked out by the rhino behind her, or something, because Granny ended up holding her by the end of the ride.

So my mom came into town over the weekend. We tried to do as much as possible in the three days we had. We did lots of shopping, eating out, and went to the zoo. It was a lot of fun. And I have a jogging stroller now!! (Thanks mom!)

Olivia's almost 11 months old. I know, where does the time go? Her top two teeth have been right there for weeks now. One has cut through, but still not quite all the way through. The other side is just swollen. She's handled it pretty well, but I'm blaming the crankiness and occassional random 3am wakings from the teeth.

She's also walking every where now. She falls a lot, but that doesn't stop her.

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Those pig tails are adorable! I can't wait to start playing with Paisley's hair. I hope she lets me :)

So how do I find you on Facebook? I am under Ginger McKnight Price... Add me!!!