A post not all about Olivia!

So, last night we went on a super fun date with our good friends Sean and Becky. I just want to document that it actually happened. No kids (except the ones currently residing within mine and Becky's wombs) yummy food, and lots of fun games at Dave & Busters. There are lots of coupons out there for Dave&Busters, like when you buy $10 of games you get $10 free. So that's what we did, and had a blast. I LOVE ski ball, and was at the top of my game last night. I beat Aaron a few times, and let him win a couple ;)

The funniest thing they have is this picture thing, and it took our picture (mine and Aaron's) and morphed them into what our child would look like. It's so hilarious. I wish I had a scanner to show you what Olivia will look like in 5 years. I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyway, it was a fun night and even though it was a rare night out for us, it was worth it. I'm usually in bed, asleep by 10, and last night we didn't get HOME until 10:30!! Unheard of around here. And I'm actually sore from the basketball games, boxing game, and possibly even ski ball.

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