Chilly sunday morning

So we have the heat on. I figure this is blog worthy since I was starting to think that this day would never come. After so many months of 90+ tempatures it is nice to feel a little chilly. I wish I had some hot chocolate!

We are cuddling under blankets and watching DVD's. Olivia has a cold. So far no one else has caught it. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way.

Abigail is a noisey baby. She cooes, grunts, occassionally screams, and is rarely silent. Even in her sleep. She grunts more than anything else. I have no idea what it means. Like if she did every time before she pooped it would make sense to me... but she just does it all the time. Leaving me with little sleep. The thing, she's not even waking up, just making these grunting sounds. I'm thinking I might put her in a different room... but we'll see. Right now she's right next to my bed, so when she is hungry all I have to do is roll over, latch her on, and we both usually fall back to sleep. Then when I wake up I stick her back in her bassinet. This would work if she wasn't so loud. Then this morning around 4:45 she was wide awake and wanting to be held. She didn't fall back to sleep until 7:30... guess what time Olivia woke up. 7:30. So I'm tired.

But we are enjoying this chilly morning. Makes me feel like the holidays are really here.


lrbodine said...

I swear we are living the same life right now! Chloe is a major grunter and is the noisest sleeper. Ellie was so quiet so it's been really throwing me off! But I don't want to move Chloe to a new room until she is sleeping in longer stretches. So funny that I could have written this post! And I'm loving the cooler weather. This is probably the last Sunday I'm staying home and next week we'll go back to church so I've been enjoying cuddling in bed!

Jill said...

Cohen was super noisy too. He last in our room for about 3 nights. Brad says Im wrong but what does he know! Put that baby in your closet with the door cracked. It'll be enough seperation to let you sleep.

Liz said...

HAHAH in the closet with the door cracked... that made me laugh. I can't wait to see your newest little Opie! Hopefully I will run into you at the office soon! I miss hearing little Miss Olivia telling papa to "go there!"