My helper

So I just feel the need to brag on my little 20 month old for a quick minute. She has been fabulous since her sister has come home. She LOVES to help. If she's in the middle of throwing a fit for whatever reason, most of the time if I ask her to do something the fit stops and she instantly says, "Okay mommy!" And does what I ask. Of course this is most of the time, but I love it. She throws away diapers, fetches diapers, helps put lotion on Abbi after a bath, puts laundy in the hamper, etc. Today I dropped something on the floor and she ran to get it for me and picked it up and put it in the sink. Then when flour spilled she went and got the broom and started trying to sweep it up. It's so sweet! We are baking cookies for the office's patient appriciation day tomorrow, and Olivia was my big helper. She loved holding the hand mixer, and sang a song, "mix mix mix mix". That's her other thing. She loves to sing to her sister. She sings so softly, and usually no words are decipherable besides, "rock baby, rockababy, rock baby...". SO CUTE! She will also run over and give Abbi a kiss on the top of her head out of no where. Anyway right now is a rare moment when Abbi is asleep, and Olivia is playing with friends (THANKS JILL!) so I need to make the most of it by getting on top of some of the cleaning around here. What is it about weekends that the house goes to complete pot?


Jill said...

She's a doll for sure!

It's not just you... We all need a Saturday AFTER Sunday to recover from the weekend!

Liz said...

Your cookies were sooooo good today. I can't wait to have another tomorrow...if there are any left!