You Might Be A Mom of a Toddler If...

You might be a mom of a toddler if...
You consider 6 hours a good nights sleep!

All your good make up has had little fingers dig in it.

You go "potty" instead of "to the bathroom".

You measure how long it takes you to do something by "nap times" {ie, "It took me only 2 nap times to finally fold all the laundry!"}

You know who Cailllou, Sid, the Teranadon family, Clifford and Martha are.

You also know those previous characters are loosely in the order of PBS Kids morning line-up.

When your husband comes home from work you have at least 2 different bodily fluids on you, (neither of which are yours).

Your exercise for the day consists of running around cleaning, and trying to prevent messes.

You know the best way to get Sharpie off of walls, couches, computer monitors, and just about any other surface.

You have been embarrassed in public by your child's ever growing vocabulary (ie, "Bye brown girl!").

You're in bed by 9:00 most nights.

Waking up at 7:00am is sleeping in.

You have cleaned poo off more areas than you'd like to think about.

Your pillow talk consists of nothing but cute things your toddler said/did that day.

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