There was a rare moment the other night where both girls were playing up in their room all by themselves. When I realized almost 10 minutes had gone by and I hadn't heard anything I started to worry. Usually there's a cry from Abigail, or lecturing from Olivia by now. So I ran up the stairs and decided to just peak in the door. Abigail was sitting on the rocking chair reading a book. And Olivia was sitting on the floor, arms folder in prayer. And she was saying out loud, "Please help me be good. And help me do all my jobs. And help me be nice. InthenameofJesusChristAmen!"

I just closed the door as quietly as I could and tiptoed back downstairs. It was just such a sweet moment. And funny, because, "help her do all her jobs"? She has one "job" that she does every day. She sorts the silverware from the dishwasher and puts it away for me. And she loves doing it! Anytime I ask her to come do her job she comes happily running. It just cracked me up.

And then just as I sat down, thinking to myself what sweet wonderful children I have, the crying and screaming came. Olivia had taken Abigail's book. Or something.

.... I really wanted a post about how sweet and grown up Olivia is getting. But it's hard right now because she's currently screaming her head off at the top of the stairs because of all a sudden she's developed a phobia to coming down the stairs without me carrying her. My patience is wearing thin lately.

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