Writers block

I have like 10 unpublished posts in my dashboard. I have plenty to say, but then I think about you - anyone who may be reading this blog - and I worry about what I've said. It may be something as simple as what my kids did today and I worry I might offend someone.

No one has ever told me they were offended by blog. I have never gotten a negative comment, or email. And I still worry about what people think about my blog. There is something wrong with me.

Mainly I worry about how I will sound when I talk about how wonderful my life is. Because really, it is wonderful. I feel so spoiled. I don't know what I ever did to deserve such a wonderful life.

But kind of I do.

I have always, always wanted to do what is right. I have always tried to please people - and none more than my Father in heaven. I keep the commandments. I live His teachings. I am not perfect by any means. I fight laziness more than anyone I know. I lose my patience. I hurt people's feelings I'm sure. But I try, and try and try to do all I can to do things that are pleasing unto God. And I honestly feel that is why I am so blessed.

I hesitate in publishing this because I'm afraid it's saying that people who have bad stuff happen to them aren't good people. And that's not true. At all. But I know the reason I am happy is because I keep the commandments of the Lord.

Just thought I'd share that. Maybe I can get over this writers block now. Expect something good this week.   :)


lrbodine said...

There is a lot of happiness that comes from keeping the commandments. And even when bad things happen (like I have experienced in my life) it's so much easier to deal with and still be happy because of our Savior. I'd rather people be happy and look at the positive side then dwell on all the negative any day!


Don't ever hold back!!! I don't believe you are an offensive person, you are so kind and friendly.

This post made you all the more lovable!!! More people need to be like you. Life really is that simple. Keep the commandments and you'll find happiness. Really. That's all there is too it!!

You're amazing, don't stop being who you are or thinking the way you do because you are afraid of what they will think.

Those who know you best, love you most and know what is in your heart!

Geevz said...

I keep waiting for the bottom to fall out of my perfect life. Lately I've been feeling guilty that I get to live my awesome life instead of surviving in a war torn country or something. But I hope that I can be generous with others and show enough gratitude.

And don't worry about what you write on your blog. It's lovely. Although I should take my own advice. I would write about Brazillian waxes if I wasn't afraid of my extended family talking to me about it in real life :)

Lauren said...

Thanks guys!

And Geev - I think that's exactly what I'm afraid of also! I don't worry about the strangers reading, but more the people I know.