I'm procrastinating.

Abigail is taking a nap. Olivia is playing quietly in the toy room (which I know won't last long). I have a kitchen that needs cleaning. A living room that needs straightening and vacuuming, a pile of laundry to fold and put away, another basket of folded laundry that never got put away, and I'm sure I could find about a million other things to do. Instead I keep checking my google reader and facebook. I have a bit of a headache lingering from yesterday. But it's no excuse I need to get out of this little funk and get busy.

But first I wanted to finish a thought I started blogging yesterday. My babies are growing up. Olivia can now get into the car by herself. Climb into her carseat and completely buckle herself up, and close the car door. Only another a mother can understand how much easier this has made my life! In a lot of ways she's becoming even more independent. It's bittersweet.

And then Abigail decided to climb out of her crib the other night. So she's now in a toddler bed. Last night was the first night. It took about an hour for them to stop playing and fall asleep, but that's better than I anticipated. And for her nap she had no problems, which I also needlessly worried about. She's also potty trained. Oh, and since Olivia can do her buckle, she also insists on doing the top part of her buckle which she has now figured out how to do.

I hope that they will best friends for their whole lives. Right now they have a love/hate relationship. When Olivia is being nice, and wanting to give Abigail hugs, most of the time Abigail is acting like a little stinker and yells at her for touching her. And then when Abigail is wanting to be sweet, Olivia is the one in a bad mood. But every once in a while they're good moods align and they are the best friends. I live for those moments.

Okay now I've procrastinated enough... time to get to work!


Geevz said...

I'm still best friends with my sisters :)

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