Aaron said Abigail needs more airtime on the blog. And she really does. What can I say though? Yesterday she went down for a nap at noon, and I had to wake her up at FOUR PM! Ya know, just your average four hour nap. Seriously, she is the best sleeper. She goes to bed around 8 each night, and wake up around 7 each morning. Takes a wonderful nap each afternoon. I really, really love that about her. And when she is tired, she doesn't act cranky and crazy she goes into this like zen mode. One time after a couple of days of no naps we found her sitting in front of the tv, playing with a toy, not really looking at the tv, and not really looking at the toy, just zoning out. It cracks us up.

She has her moments, but overall she is just sweet. Aaron said she is my little "mommy protector". She doesn't like if someone talks rudely to me, and is always quick to say, "We don't say that!" Or, "Don't talk like that to mom!" She does like to rattle off all the "bad words". At least once a day she tells me, "Mommy - we don't say disgusting head. And we don't say stupid. And we don't say shut up." And I tell her that's right and to stop saying it! I try to get her to focus on what we can say instead. And every time I ask her what we can say she says, "Because why, you silly head?" I have no clue.

The other day she came up to me and said very matter of factly, "No ice pop today, kid." And then a huge grin spread across her face. Like she was the most hilarious person in the world because she called me kid. Which basically she is. No one has ever said that to her, that I know of, so I have no clue where got it from. But it seriously cracked me up and I keep asking her to say it again because it just sounds so funny coming out of her mouth.

She is still hard to understand. I know every word she is saying, most all of the time, but everyone else looks at me and asks what she said. Olivia usually understands her as well. Sometimes this works to my advantage. Like the other day when my neighbor was wearing an-ill fitted, Tye-died wife beater type shirt, and Abigail went up to him and said, "Rusty your shirt is weird. I think you're wearing your mama's shirt or something." But out of Abigail's mouth it sounded more like "Wusty - you sowt is  weed. I fink you wearing your mama's sowt or sumfing." And Rusty looked at me and I just shrugged, and laughed and said, "I think she likes your shirt!" And quickly hurried to the car.

She calls the kids that live behind us, "Olivia's friends". Yesterday I told her they were her friends too, and her face just lit up and she smiled and said, "THEY ARE??" And I told her that they were, and she was very happy and ran outside saying, "You're my friends too! You guys are my friends!" And they basically ignored her and broke my heart, but she didn't seem to notice. I love this age.

I try not to compare her to her older spirited sister. I really try. They are just so night and day. When Olivia was 18 months old and I was getting ready to give birth I just prayed and prayed that this baby (Abigail) would be the yin to Olivia's yang. Not that I don't love Olivia's yang... but I just didn't think I could handle two yangs. And I'm pretty sure Abigail is living proof that Heavenly Father heard that prayer.


Lisa Eggs said...

Aww! What a great post! You're such a good writer. I just love up your blog. One day some big wig is going to find it and you'll be famous I swear.

Lauren said...

Lisa - does my husband pay you to comment on my blog?? Or my husband? You are too sweet! Thank you!

Lauren said...

I meant to say "or my mom" not my husband twice lol.

Lisa Eggs said...

HAHAHA! No, I just love it, it's not pretentious at all (impossible to find on blogs) and it totally cracks me up. And I can relate to it all :) It was just a random, priceless find! Thanks for letting me in on your life :) Maybe we'll meet each other some day at some random LDS function!