You'll have to use your imagination.

I like words. But watching old home movies is like the best. Which is why I am beating myself up over the fact that I forgot the video camera for Olivia and Abigail's singing debut. Okay it was a small church function, but still -- they were ridiculously cute. And oh my goodness I would love for them to see how cute they were, in 15 years. Maybe someone taped it. I will ask around at church tomorrow.

But if not picture this....

My cutest, darlingest, little Abigail with her long wavy hair, standing on her tip-toes singing into a microphone already down as low as it could go. Wearing an adorable navy blue dress with white polka dots and a little red bow. Her daddy sitting next to her, playing guitar. Together they did the best rendition of "You Are My Sunshine". Aaron played the guitar very softly, as to not overpower Abigail's cute little voice. She sang every word, both verses. A slight pause before the second chorus, because any time she had practiced it she always stopped after the second verse. But Aaron started singing it a little, and she chimed right in. It was simply adorable.

And then Olivia took the stage. She didn't even wait for Aaron to start playing guitar, she just walked up the microphone and started singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". She too was in a navy, polka-dotted dress, with her hair down. Aaron began playing, again softly so that Olivia could be heard. But she was sure to say each word loud and clear, right into the microphone. She was so sweet, and I could tell she was kind of nervous, but I knew there was no way she would not doing something that Abigail had done.

So why two solos and not a duet? Well... there was just no convincing Olivia to share the spotlight with Abigail. And it wasn't a battle I felt like fighting. So two 30 second solos it was. And it was perfect. They really loved it.

After everyone's performances all the kids went up and did the "Hamster Dance" which was really cute. Olivia danced around smiling and laughing. And Abigail stood perfectly still the entire time. The song was maybe 3 minutes long... and Abigail just stood there in the middle of everyone dancing. Towards the end of the song she just smiled this giant smile, and just stood there smiling. It cracked me up.

The girls also won an award! "Best solos by sisters accompanied by their dad on guitar". I love our ward! Seriously the girls had a blast and even though it added some stress to our day it was so worth it.

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