My Ode To Erie, PA

The plumbing of this old apartment
 is one thing I will not miss
But there are lots of things that I will
And they go a little something like this.

Cute, furry woodland creatures,
The Erie Zoo and all its features,
Living so close to my parents' door
And of course Wegman's my favorite store.

Swimming at Presque Isle
And my neighbor Rusty, who always has a smile.
Spending time at the YMCA
Port Farms, where we could stay all day

I'm going to miss the small town feel,
Our tiny kitchen where I prepared each meal.
Our apartment complex's frigid pool,
and our neighbor Troy, who thinks he's so cool.

Story time at our local Chick-Fil-A,
And how the weather can change in a day.
Playing at the awesome Children's Museum
and catching games at SeaWolves' Stadium.

All the dear friends we have made
And all the times we played.
Girls nights and many-a-play-date,
These are what we'll miss the most -- no debate.

Being part of the greatest ward,
living so close to where the Gospel was restored,
Visiting church history sites,
having to leave really bites.

The room where I birthed our son
All the pretty places to run
Being where everything is so green
Each picture looks like a post card scene.

The desert has its beauty too
And friends there are not a few
But still - leaving this home will be hard.
Although I won't miss a certain prison guard.

I've grown to love this town called Erie,
Even though the weather can be dreary,
It really has a beauty all its own
I'm grateful for a short time I could call it home.


Lisa Eggs said...

oh, sniff... That was so adorable! I've never been to PA, but you sure make it sound like a little piece of heaven :)

Mom (mostly) and Dad (at times) said...

ok you cant be doin odes yet you still got a month and we got a few more memories to make i like it tho super creative

Mom (mostly) and Dad (at times) said...

hey sorry i was signed in as my mom this is staci