Nine Months is a LONG time....

So time has been flying... sort of. But here I am 35 weeks pregnant.. or is it 36? I am always looking ahead so when I'm 34 weeks I'm thinking, "wow I'm almost 35 weeks!" and then I get all confused and loose count. But I'm pretty sure I'm in my 35th week right now. And as fast as things have gone... and I'm sure they're going to go... today I just feel like this pregnancy will never end. Looking back on everything that's happened since we found out we were preggers...

4th Of July!!
Aimee's baby was born
Trip to NJ
Aaron' Birthday
Trip to St. Louis/Nauvoo
Started student teaching
Aimee moved :(
Placed 5th in the nation with reliv, earned a trip + $3,000
Bought a Wii
Trip to Sedona
MY birthday
Thanksgiving trip to NJ
Douger and Allison's babies born
My parents come to AZ
Put in wood floors
Christmas/Disney Trip
Start substitute teaching

And here we are. Wow so much has happened, which kind of makes it seem like it's gone by so fast, and at the same time when wasn't I pregnant?? Anyway today I've been kind of loafing about and I need to get busy. I have to drop Teen Elect invites to my adorable little Beehives, go to piano lessons, drop off some more stuff to random people... and of course keep working on that nursery that seems like it will never be ready. Ahhh

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