Yeah I know it's been a while

Okay so much for updating every week of my pregnancy... even every month. But supposedly Aaron and I will be getting the internet at home soon (hopefully this week) and I'll be able to keep better track of the rest of my pregnancy.

So I'm 32 weeks now. How crazy is that? Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years has all come and go with much excitement. We traveled to NJ for Thanksgiving which was nice. I honestly can barely remember any details of the trip except getting to spend time with my sister and eating way too much food. Then a couple weeks later was the adventure of putting in wood floors in our condo. My dad flew out to help, and my mom and sister came out... oh yeah because I also GRADUATED! Yes, I made it through student teaching while pregnant. Quite the heroic accomplishment if you ask me.

Christmas we went to Disneyland with the Opie's. It was wonderful. We had a great time, and I managed to stay out of a wheelchair 99% of the time. It wasn't until one of the final days for a short period of time, I sucked up my pride and gave my feet and back a rest. It was a lot of walking, but really good for me. I have been having some Braxton Hicks Contractions more frequently lately. It's quite an interesting sensation. I'm getting more and more nervous about the upcoming labor and delivery, and the fact that I have absolutely nothing ready in our house for a baby. Still haven't had the baby shower yet either. I guess there is 8 whole weeks left. Plenty of time for all that stuff. But really time is flying by so fast. I still feel so great. I'm having a little trouble sleeping, but my definition of trouble is probably laughable compared to some. I still get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Just lots of waking up for bathroom breaks, and sometimes the baby's hiccups keep me awake. But I love to just lay there and feel him/her and daydream about what it's going to be like to hold my baby. It's crazy.

So one quick story I want to write down so I don't forget.... so I'm sure sometime in my life my mother taught me you can't put a glass pan in the broiler. However, this slipped my mind as I was making dinner two nights ago. And I took the meat out of the broiler and I looked closely to see if there was enough juice to make a decent gravy and CAPOW!! The entire glass pan exploded into millions of peices and splattered about the kitchen and the meat fell to the ground and I was left standing there surrounded by glass holding what was left of the pan in my oven mit in total shock. I am so lucky no glass got in my eyes or anything like that. Not even a burn from the juice. Aaron's the best, because he wasn't even mad that the meat was ruined, and he cleaned most of it up for me. We just had a good laugh about it and enjoyed the mashed potatoes and string beans. Oh good times.

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