Sunday Night

So just a generic update for anyone who cares and for my future self to look back on...

35 weeks pregnant tomorrow. That is just utterly insane if you ask me. Time is certainly flying, while at the same time I feel like I've always been pregnant and will always be pregnant. Those days of thinking I'd never be pregnant seem so so far away, thank goodness!

I absolutely love being pregnant, and I love my gigantic belly... but I have to admit it's certainly not the most comfortable I've ever been. Back aches, moments of breathlessness, and NEVER sleeping through the night are my cheif complaints. But how lucky am I to only have that going on? Lots of women are so miserable, and I'm def not miserable, or even really ready for this baby to come out yet. In fact just last night I had a funny dream where I was at the doctor for a check up to see if I dialated and the baby just came out! Like it literally just fell out completely effortlessly. And I was begging the doctor to put him back in because I wasn't ready, and I really wanted to experience labor. Hahaha def. a dream.

Oh about this week I also began (continued?) subbing. I love it. Well so far. Tomorrow I'll be at Franklin subbing for... a PE teacher! Ha it will def be interesting.

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