36 weeks

So tomorrows my doctor's appointment when he starts checking things out down there... I am really so curious to know how it's all going. I know there's going to be a baby here before I know it, but I can't help but feel like it'll never be here. Sometimes I'm totally sick of talking about the pregnancy and baby, but most of the time it's all I can ever talk, think, dream..etc about.

Good news is lots is going on. I have Teen Elect tomorrow, Weds, we're leaving for Vegas (how crazy am I?) until Sunday. Then the next weekend we're going to the cabin to rest and relax. Then I'll be like 38 weeks... still at least 2 weeks away... lol.

Tonight for family night Aaron and I made these posters for our goals for the year. We went through tons of magazines and cut out lots of pictures. It was fun, and if I accomplish half of what I set out to do this year I'll be amazing lol. But I don't mind if I set a goal and never accomplish it, as long as I work towards it each day. I usually end up a lot closer, than if I hadn't set the goal at all. Well that's about all, I'll probably update after my appointment tomorrow. Hopefully I didn't gain TOO much weight since last week...

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