Would have been nice if we were there for like a day... not 5. Or was it 4? Either way, just beyond ready to be home. The best, best, best part was when Aaron and I had a night to ourselves. We went out to eat a fancy resturant at The Venitian and then saw the Blue Man Group, and just walked around and looked at all the fancy shops and that kinda stuff. Oh and I did use my lucky dollar and I doubled it! I cashed out at $2.00 and took it straight to the cashier and got my dollar. Oh good times. But really we lost money, because to even get cash from the ATM cost $7.00. And the cab ride there... and back... just existing in Vegas is expensive. Not to mention cost of food, and shows and all that fun stuff. Anyway it was a relief to get home safe and sound.

In other news, I'm now 37 weeks pregnant. Full term! Scary stuff. And people in my ward keep calling about a baby shower. I feel so loved! I wasn't sure what my mother-in-law wanted to do, if she wanted to invite my whole ward to the family one, or if I should have a seperate one. She said to do two so... today Melissa called to see what we decided and if I needed her to organize a shower or anything, and I just thought that was so sweet. It's a lot of work taking on throwing a baby shower, so I feel bad almost, like I don't want someone stressing out because of me! But I appriciate it so much. As far as the progression of this baby... so far no dialation or anything like that, and the baby is still pretty high, but is head down! So that's good, and honestly I'm not ready for this baby to come until March. I still haven't even begun the baby's room. I still feel pretty good. More tired than usual. Some cramps. Lots of Braxton Hicks. Swollen ankles and feet. And sore ribs from all that kicking! It's crazy feeling the baby move now. It just feels so big. Well just a few more weeks...

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