Alright... quick update, and I'll be sure to add pictures soon. First of all Friday night my wonderful friends from my ward through me a baby shower. It was such super short notice, but they made things so cute and fun. I am so so grateful to have such wonderful friends! Then Saturday morning Aaron and I taught Reliv training, then came home and got to work on the nursery. It's finished!!! Well to me, it will probably never be "finished" but the chairrail is up thanks to a nailgun (thank you Dents!), and the room is all painted, and the crib is assembled, and all that stuff. And I do feel worlds better. But I'm not sure what it is... maybe it's that whole "nesting" thing I keep hearing about... but I feel like no matter how much I do, there's still so much more to do! But that's alright, I'm keeping busy these last couple of weeks... week?... days?... I am starting to hope it comes maybe just one day early? But I won't get my hopes up. Oh but super good news... last night I stopped eating and drinking at 7pm. Went to bed at 10. Woke up once at 12:30 to go to the bathroom... then again at 2:30 because Aaron was yelling weird stuff in his sleep.. but then I didn't wake up again until 7:00!! It was beautiful. Lately I've been getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night because I just can't sleep. Feels so good to be well rested.

Other news... I made Aaron breakfast this morning, and my little belly was hanging out and I am always underestimating how HUGE my belly is, and you guessed it... I burned my belly on the frying pan! There's a nice big welt across my belly now, and it still hurts :( I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, I'm sure the nurses will get a nice laugh out of the huge line across my belly!


Hadley Family Clan! said...

I am so sad that I wasn't able to make it to your shower, but I will be giving you a gift once the baby comes:) I am so exicted for you and sorry that you burned your belly. Did you take a picture for memories? How fun that you have the nursery all set up, but I totally understand that no matter how much you do to get ready for baby it seems like their is always more to do. Then once the baby comes you really do have so much to do:) FUN!!! FUN!!!

Mallory And Jon Willyerd said...

Hehe.. what a cute story! I am so excited for you! you are SO CLOSE to having your baby! i wish i was that close :) congrats! let us know if you need ANYTHING!

Tamara and Anthony said...

Hi Lauren! I haven't seen you since our wedding! I don't know how I found your blog, but I'm glad I did! It seems like everything is going great for you! We'll have to do something again sometime!

Emily said...

Lauren I didn't know you had a blog! I'm definitely going to keep coming back to keep up to date on what's going on in your life!


I miss you guys!