So last night Olivia and I went to sleep at 10:00pm. Beautiful! And O didn't wake up until 4:00am. That's right 6 straight hours. But guess what time I woke up? 2:oo! Thanks to a restricted caller... whoever you are, I know you're out there... And I'm so used to only getting 4 hours of sleep I COULD NOT fall back to sleep. How incredibly frustrating. By the time I was drifting back off to dreamland, you guessed it, she woke up!

But really it's hard to be angry when I'm leaving in 15 minutes for NEW JERSEY!

The excitement can be felt for miles around I'm sure. We are so excited to go show off our bundle of joy for the next 10 days. So wish us luck on the flight!


Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Have a great time in Jersey! I can tell you from experience it is sooo much easier to travel before the little ones can crawl and walk. :)

LG said...

AHHHH! Can't wait! Call me!

Nelson, Ashley, Brady & Kodi said...

Have a great time! I'm super jealous; and I'm sure your flight will be fine...we always prepare for the worst it seems!