What I've Learned From My Newborn...

So I decided to make a list of everything I've learned so far in the past four weeks... I expect this list to be ever growing...

1. Sleep is so overraterd.
2. How to best use a small amount of space, (i.e., there's no need for a baby swing when you have a car seat and a glider.)
3. You might want to check the diaper bag for DIAPERS before leaving the house.
4. There really are 24 usable hours in every day.
5. For some unknown reason fresh, clean diapers must be pooped in within 5 minutes of being put on.
6. There is "research" to back almost any claim (it's best to have your baby on a schedule/it's emotionally scarring to try to force your baby on a schedule).
7. Babies have extremely loud digestive systems, and like to show this off at the most opportune moments.
8. I have never been more obsessed with a bodily fluid in my life, than I am with my breastmilk. I'm always worrying that there's not enough/too much/imbalance, etc.
9. Reading random people's blogs that I just follow link to link to link can lead to some very interesting people... and that this a legitimate habit for 2am feedings.
10. And of course I have to end on a sweet note... nothing in the world compares to that first time you hear your baby make a happy little cooing sound, and give you a big ol' smile.

And of course no post is complete without....

Just love her expressions in these pictures.


Christina MC said...

I love the pics! Her little cheeks are filling out.

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

That list is so funny because it's so true! I love seeing the pictures too.

Oh and I just read your comment on my blog - and I think I have the best calling in the ward because I get to work with all the kids, teachers, and have amazing counselors that help me. If I didn't have all those things going for me - it would be so much harder! I think I've been blessed with a great husband and daughter. It's the Relief Society president that I worry about!

Nelson, Ashley, Brady & Kodi said...

She is so an OPIE!! I love her face and could just chew her cheeks off!!

Jamie said...

SO true! And she is SO CUTE!!!