What Olivia's been up to...

Well Olivia is sleeping super great at night. We start getting ready for bed around 9:00 and she's generally asleep by 11, and then sleeps until about 6 or so when she wakes up just to eat, then goes back to sleep until around 8:30.

However, she decided since she's sleeping so much at night, 10-15 minute naps during the day are sufficiant. And she loves to be held. She'll let me put her in her little chair thing for a few minutes at a time, but after a while she screams until I pick her up. The best thing ever is my sling. I put her in it and she absolutely loves it, and usually falls alseep. But then when I try to transfer to her the crib she wakes right up. She is smiling a lot, and cooing, and it's just the greatest. I will try to get a little video of it. It's heart melting... at least for the mommy :)

Anyway, yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of when Aaron and I got engaged. Every year we celebrate by going to the Cheesecake Factory. Tonight Aaron's mom is going to babysit. This will be the first time we're leaving her with anyone other than my mom. Granted it's Aaron's mom, so I'm still not very nervous.

We have also been trying to figure out schedules to set a date to bless Olivia. We thought the first Sunday in May would work, but Aaron's parents are going to be out of town, and his brother Douger had something going on, so we talked to the Bishop and he said the next Sunday would be fine, even though it's Mother's Day. But then I just got an email from Douger's wife saying they have something going on that day! But at this point I don't think we're changing it. So we get to go pick out a pretty white dress this week. I'm so excited to see her in her first white dress.


One BIG HAPPY Family said...

How fun to bless your little girl on Mother's Day. That's the perfect present. Don't change it! How often does that really happen - being blessed on Mother's Day? Not often, enjoy the day with your little girl and all the family involved.

LG said...

Still cannot believe you have a child, aaah!! she's adorable and I love her to pieces. I can actually see her eyes in those pics! lol :)

You guys should def look into buying a Flip...it's a video camero that costs about $150 and you plug it right into your computer and can upload videos right from there to your blog or to YouTube (omg make Olivia a YouTube page!!! Haha!!) or to emails or whatever...I think it would be a really great way for you to share with everyone what "Life with Olivia" is like!!


Christina MC said...

I'm glad the sling works for you. I've heard mothers rave about i, but my girl just screamed until I took her out of it.