Baby Olympics

It's funny... you try not to compare your baby to anyone else's because they all grow at their own rates, and eventually all healthy babys walk, and talk and become a functional part of society, so does it really matter if my baby is trying to crawl at 12 weeks? No, not at all. In fact it worries me more than it makes me all proud because my house is no where near baby proofed. And our little squirmy wormy is starting to move around. On her tummy she kind of "army crawls". She'll push and drag herself. She's not getting very far yet, but she sure wants to be on the move. I'll try later to get some good video footage of her olympic strength.

It's crazy watching her grow and develop at this stage. It's still a lot of work to get a giggle from her. She gives smiles much more freely now, and I've gotten a giggle here and there, but it takes a lot of work! It's funny to see how grown adults act around a baby trying to get it to giggle. So fun.

Nap schedule is still funky. I struggle to get her to sleep more than 45 minutes. I ordered a Miracle Swaddling Blanket today. My sis-in-law swears by them. I swaddled Olivia really good last night (she actually didn't get out of it) and she didn't wake up at all until 6:00am. And she fell asleep at 9:00pm. No waking for food or anything. Woke up at 6 happy and ready to go. I fed her, changed her, and played with her for about 40 minutes and then she started yawning. So I swaddled her again, laid her down and in 20 minutes she was asleep and has been ever since. And it's 9:40! So she's been asleep for almost 3 hours. I'm not sure if I should wake her up or not. But of course with that statement I just heard her start to fuss. lol, isn't that how it works?

I also began a scrapbooking project. I'm really not that much of a scrapbooker, although I admire those who do. So I'm going to do one cute page for a shadow box that, and I'll put her hospital braclet and little hat thing in it. We'll see how it goes. I found a bunch of cute stuff on clearance at Target yesterday.

Well better go get her before her fuss turns into screams.


One BIG HAPPY Family said...

Swaddling is MAGIC. It reminds them of being in womb and so comfortable and safe. We swear by it and use it for as long as we can. I'm glad that she is finally sleeping some more for you. We all know how tired one can get after not getting any sleep and how much nicer we are to our hubbys. :)

Aunt Swiney said...

STILL cant really believe you have a baby. So amazing!!

Aaron said...

I still think she'd take gold!