No Excuses

That's my new motto. Why is it hard to do the things we know are best for us? I have been pretty good at running/walking or some form of exercise every day, but when Olivia got sick that was my excuse not to do anything... and of course I gained weight back. So there are a few things I made excuses for a lot. Like reading scriptures every day (where's the time??), taking my Reliv (I'm already full, I'll take it later...etc), cleaning the house (where to start!), and of course exercise. Somehow there's always time to blog, or read blogs... and there's always more room in my tummy for ice cream or sweets, and sometimes I'm convinced my body needs more sleep not exercise. But no more! I'm putting an end to all the excuses. Reliv twice a day, every day no matter what. I know this will help me with my other goals because it gives me so much energy and helps me feel all around good. Reading scriptures is a given. When our lives our in tune with the Spirit things are just better, aren't they? And having a clean house will be absolutely a stress relief for everyone.. just gotta get a routine down. And I'll exercise every day whether I lose weight or not because it helps me feel good. Yeah. So now that I've blogged it, I guess I better go do it.

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