How did I get to be so old?

So Olivia is still congested. I feel just awful for her. But I think it's getting better. Every day I'm thinking this HAS to be the last day she's going to be like this. But then it continues. And yet she's still as smiley and chatty as ever. I think I have the most talkative baby I've ever seen. She babbles from the moment she wakes up until she falls asleep. And sometimes in her sleep, I think. It's very cute though, I'm def not complaining.

Last night Aaron and I went on an amazing date to see Deathcab for Cutie at the Mesa Ampitheater. It was an awesome show. I really did have a great time, even though Olivia was never out of my thoughts. It's so hard being away from her for so long. We dropped her off at 6:15, and got home at about 10:15. The band played some awesome songs that were really fun to sing alot to with my hubby. The weirdest thing was feeling like I was in the older age bracket. Looking around and seeing all these people who looked SO young... and then I realized they were probably at least 18... and that's just crazy. Plus I also realized I am so out of touch with what's cool. There were so many kids dressed like straight up hippies, I thought I may have missed the memo to come dressed as your favorite decade. But apparently the tie dye look is in? I never thought I'd be the mom sitting there commenting to her husband about what kids are wearing these days. Glad I have my teenage sister to keep in touch. It's funny because Deathcab has such a variety of fans. Kids super young were there, and there were people old enough to be my parents (I wonder how they felt about all the scantily clad hippies). Well great time, great friends, and Olivia was just fine without us.

The old foggies rockin out with the kiddo's.

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