This week Olivia has started doing the funniest thing yet. When she sees something... like I don't know, for example just now she opened a photo album and saw the pictures, she does this huuuge surprised gasp.

The first time she did it I thought she was choking. When Aaron heard it he thought so too. I mean what 8 month old gasps with excitement and surprise?? It's so hilarious.

Another funny time was at the library the other day. The story teller pulled this black cat out of a bag, and Olivia was all UUUUHHHHAAAAAA (or whatever vowels you would use to spell the sound you make when you breathe in loudly and excitedly). Everyone was cracking up. I mean she seriously sounds like me in Micheal's or something.

But she does it all the time. As we're walking and passing new things it's, "gasp... gasp.... gasp.."

Quite hilarious. I'll try to get a video of it somehow.

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Lol... do you really get that excited in Michael's? That's awesome!

That's adorable that Olivia has such a huge reaction to things like photo albums!

I wish we were in touch this summer. I was visiting a friend in Mesa is August and would've LOVED to have seen you.

If you ever want to get away, Julie and I both live in Grand Junction! It would be a blast to have a little reunion sometime...